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  • weird stuff

    I've seen some crazy thing. The kind of thing you couldn't see outside of Japan I guess: women wearing stuff with an unbelievable logo/brand name I can't describe without having this post deleted.
    Anyway, have a look here if it is still available:

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    Re: weird stuff


    I think the company that makes this line of clothing, "B*tch Wear," is actually an American company that caters to the skateboarding crowd. I bought a female friend of mine back home (USA) a pair of gloves by them, with "Bi*ch" written straight across them. She loves them, but that's my friend. She loves controversy. I've seen stuff much worse than this. Try this site:

    Happy hunting, I mean, Happiness Hanting.


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      Re: weird stuff

      Well, how can women wear stuff that show the picture a man aiming a gun at the face of a young girl? Perhaps I am too naive but such products would be prohibited in my country.


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        Re: weird stuff

        Hello again Franck,

        Well, my intention was not to defend the aesthetic value of the brand, but rather to point out that it may be of foreign origin (As in it was not an insensitive Japanese company that came up with the idea, but an insensitive American company). Plus, I was unaware that the logo was at times paired with distasteful pictures. The gloves I bought for my friend only had the logo. Had I seen the picture, I would most likely have been disturbed by it as well.

        However, let me also point out that as far as such things being prohibited, my country has a rule that basically says people can say and print whatever its citizens like, no matter how ignorant or insipid those things may be (though it is hypocritical in that they do have agencies that regulate statements made in products). Consequently, there are songs about killing police officers, video games where you run over people with cars, and racist websites promoting hate that exist there.

        Now maybe I am being naive, but between being exposed to offensive material, and having my government tell me what I can and cannot watch, listen to, or wear, I have to say that the latter scares me more. To me, that is literally like having a gun to my face every day.

        Anyway, let me just reiterate that I put up my original post to simply share information that I had with you, and if I offended you in the process, then I sincerely apologize. Please know that that was not my intention, and that I can totally see where you are coming from in regards to this matter as well.



        P.S. As far as how women in this country could wear clothing that depicts violence unto themselves, the only thing I can figure is that since Japan is not a gun culture, many of its citizens cannot fully appreciate the depravity of the depiction. Since most women here have likely not had guns to their faces, or have even heard of it happening to other women here, they probably find the picture fantastical and removed from reality, therefore "funny," and perhaps even "cute."


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          Re: weird stuff

          Hello YD,

          Interesting post!
          Anyway, I've never thought your previous post was unpolite or anything. Perhaps my short message was too cold/straight-forward? Sorry for that.

          Also, you're right: freedom has a price.
          But note that I wasn't that shocked by the picture. I was just wondering how women could wear such things, that's all.

          How do you know where I am from? :-) Over there, they vote bills for every little thing. Thus everything is becoming such complicated that you never know if you're on the right side of the law. Just setting-up a web site without the approbation of the CNIL could bring you to jail for 3 years and pay 300 000f (that's what they say). Almost nobody knows though. Weird situation.

          Have a nice day!