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Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

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  • Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

    To Hiyodori, Glenski, Paul, Osakan, SB, and the other old-timers; "Merry Xmas and best wishes for the New Year of the Sheep."

    Hope it is a profitable one for all of us!

    And to the rest of you trying to get here, or who are here and trying to get a job, good luck to you. Remember your goals and objectives, fun or a career, and go for them. Learn something about the place before getting here, but don't get bogged down with researching every little item on the internet - have some fun and discover your spirit of adventure.

    And remember, all you get from here is advice and opinions. Well-meaning, based on local knowledge and long-term experience, but just advice. None of us can stamp your passport or offer you a job.

    Adapt, integrate, but don't sell your soul.

    Trip Hop

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    Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

    While you may not be aware, it is vaguely insulting to shorten Christmas to Xmas for Christian people. It is a Christian celebration originally. Please respect that.


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      Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

      Check your own facts.

      The date of December 25th probably originated with the ancient "birthday" of the son-god, Mithra, a pagan deity whose religious influence became widespread in the Roman Empire during the first few centuries A.D. Mithra was related to the Semitic sun-god, Shamash, and his worship spread throughout Asia to Europe where he was called Deus Sol Invictus Mithras. Rome was well-known for absorbing the pagan religions and rituals of its widespread empire. As such, Rome converted this pagan legacy to a celebration of the god, Saturn, and the rebirth of the sun god during the winter solstice period. The winter holiday became known as Saturnalia and began the week prior to December 25th. The festival was characterized by gift-giving, feasting, singing and downright debauchery, as the priests of Saturn carried wreaths of evergreen boughs in procession throughout the Roman temples.

      Variations of this pagan holiday flourished throughout the first few centuries after Jesus Christ, but it probably wasn't until 336 AD that Emperor Constantine officially converted this pagan tradition into the "Christian" holiday of Christmas.

      It is a pity that you cannot show some "Christian Spirit" and accept a felicitation in the spirit that it was given.

      And if you opened your mind a little further, you would realise that there is limited space in the subject boxes on this forum.


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        Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

        I'm Christian, and I am not offended by the abbreviation Xmas. 'X' here is the Greek letter chi (X) which is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ. According to my dictionary it was coined in 1551...

        Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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          Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

          Quote from (similar information can be found in many other references, not only "online"):

          "For today's Christian, the Origin of Christmas is, and should be, the birth of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. Nothing more, nothing less. However, most of what we witness on December 25th each year has absolutely nothing to do with that blessed day (probably in late summer or early fall) about 2,000 years ago. In fact, most of the customs and traditions of Christmas actually pre-date the birth of Jesus, and many of them are downright deceptive in their meaning and origin."

          and from

          "The truth is that all of the customs of Christmas pre-date the birth of Jesus Christ, and a study of this would reveal that
          Christmas in our day is a collection of traditions and practices taken from many cultures and nations.

          The date of December 25th comes from Rome and was a celebration of the Italic god, Saturn, and the rebirth of the sun god.

          This was done long before the birth of Jesus.

          It was noted by the pre-Christian Romans and other pagans, that daylight began to increase after December 22nd, when they assumed that the sun god died.

          These ancients believed that the sun god rose from the dead three days later as the new-born and venerable sun.

          Thus, they figured that to be the reason for increasing daylight.

          This was a cause for much wild excitement and celebration. Gift giving and merriment filled the temples of ancient Rome, as sacred priests of Saturn, called dendrophori, carried wreaths of evergreen boughs in procession. "

          IMHO, Christians should be concerned with the birth of Jesus, but not how someone chooses to abbreviate a pagan holiday.

          Nevertheless, Merry Christmas Point

          To TH: Thanks for the good wishes! They're nice to hear when you're spending the holidays in Japan, where all things will magically change to the Japanese New Year sometime tonight. The only thing is, I don't know if I qualify as "old-timer" -- I've only been visiting these forums since the spring.
          Good Wishes to All!


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            Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

            Nothing like celebrating the holidays gaijinpot style, where the ubiquitious TH (aka I'm Always Right) and Hiyodori (aka Mr. Know it All) manage to start a feud. TH could have just said, "Sorry, the space wasn't long enough," and left it at that, but as always, TH can't go to bed without having the last word. Then Hiyodori comes along and makes an even longer post. Why don't you two turn off the computer and go enjoy Christmas with your family and friends? Judging by the number of comments you post each day and the time you spend researching and writing them, maybe you come up short in real life??


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              Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

              At least your fulfilling your calling. I am not, and have never aspired to be, a "Mr. Know It All". It takes very little time to post anything here (except for my rant about buying a house), and some of the experiences that people I know have had may be helpful to those who ask questions. That's it, nice isn't it? I wish that there was a forum like this of people who could have helped me out, and saved me some time, when I first arrived a few years ago. Just trying pay back the one person who went too far out of his way to find things out for me back then.

              Waiting for my wife to get out of work, and friends to stop by now. Thanks for the loving support, warm friendship, and holiday cheer that you bring! You've made my lonely wait here at home much brighter!

              Merry Christmas,


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                Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                Just back from a good dinner and drinks with family and friends. Nice not to have to cook for them all this year. See The Grinch is true to form, while I bet point is real fun at parties. Let's us know when you actually contribute something to this forum.

                I'll say Happy New Year now, while we all go away and have some fun. And apologise for saying Merry Xmas - you just be joking!


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                  Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                  TH, thanks.

                  Let me add my hope that all the gajinpot posters have a happy new year.



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                    Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                    This Leviathon of Any Love Triangle wishes a Xmas Plague of Locusts upon the eyes and nostrils of the grinch. Without TH, Hiyodori etc this forum would be reduced to a deranged mess of ill-informed drivel (a certain "Brockman.K" comes to does that blithering blathering out-patient Tony Wang...)

                    Although a wee smile may well cross this jut-jawed Rock Hudson-esque profiled newscasters visage if he were to see a TH post beginning with... "I DON`T BLOODY KNOW. HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW? LOOK ON GOOGLE YOURSELF YOU LAZY _______..."

                    A Fresh and Fruity Xmas yuletide to all The People In The Gaijin Pot. (even Mr Grinch)


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                      Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                      Hey Grinch

                      "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".
                      TH and Hiyodori have contributed more useful information to this forum
                      than most of you grinches out there. Without them this place would look
                      more like a garbage bin, with endless and pointless "discussions"where
                      native speakers, who are expected to teach "English" to their Japanese
                      students, make outrageous grammar and spelling mistakes (btw, it's not "ubiquitious"but "ubiquitous" - if you must use it, at least
                      use it correctly).
                      A happy new year to all, esp. to TH and Hiyodori.


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                        Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                        I'd cheerfully slap a blanket ban on the use of this word 'ubiquitous'. It seems to be everywhere these days.


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                          Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                          Thank you Mamasan for the spelling update. Just as I suspected TH and Hiyodori couldn't throw off the gaijinpot shackles that dominate their lives. Look at the time of TH's last message - 23:02. Just couldn't sleep happily without scouring over this discussion page to tie up all the loose ends.


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                            Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                            Grinch - what is your problem? If you do not like this forum, get off it.

                            Why not go to, I am sure the resident sociopaths over there would like your personal attacks and insinuations. Though as our urbane, well-coiffeured commentator Kent Brockman suggests, you are likely to get some profane replies.

                            As I and many others have said in the past, all you will get on this is forum is advice and opinion; freely-given, well-meaning and based on local experience and long knowledge. But just that - advice and opinion. It is up to individual posters to decide if it is right for them or not.

                            FYI 23:02 - mid-afternoon for my European clients. Usually a few mails and files to download and half a dozen sites to glance through and view - takes very little time on a 100Mbps dedicated fibre-optic line, with switching hub and routers in the home and office. My time management is my concern, not yours. I choose my working hours and days to fit with my family.

                            Now 21:40 - plenty of time to put the grandkids to bed and feed the cat.


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                              Re: Merry Xmas/ Happy New Year of the Sheep

                              Huh? WTF? I'm not disputing the origin of the end of year celebrations.
                              The origin of the word Christmas is hardly something anybody needs to research.

                              So you have a pop at my Christian Spirit??

                              A little beneath your own omnipotent image?

                              You said worse to someone abbreviating gaikokujin to gaijin. You get what you give.
                              You were offended enough to reply to that person, and I am offended enough to reply to you.

                              And to you people running to the flag of TH... really, do you need to?