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Why do I feel so embarrassed?

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  • Why do I feel so embarrassed?

    Years ago I saw a tv documentary. The subject was Elvis Presley.

    Probably the most famous singer in the history of music the TV show was something like a life story.

    The sad thing for me was seeing the 40 year old Elvis, very fat, very unfit and very slowly trying to be the same person on stage he was in his younger days.

    That feeling of sadness and embarrassment came back again yesterday when I watched Japan vs Argentina.

    And all for one man - Nakayama #9.

    Akebono knew it was time to call it a day. So did Takanohana recently. Why can't Nakayama?

    Japan lost the game 4-1 which was probably a fair score considering the game. (when the papers say they didn't use 3 of their European players - Ono / Nakamura / Takahara- I bet they won't say that Argentina didn't use some of their best players either)

    However, the pain I felt for Nakayama lead me to feel like his mother might - 'get him off the field', 'stop embarrassing him' etc etc. Thankfully the pain ended at half time. Yes he WAS good (past tense) but he is just too slow nowadays and takes too long to decide what to do.

    Why does Zico Japan(?!?) continue to use him?

    Personally I bet that old Phil Troussier is laughing in his red wine wherever he is.
    I am just feeling sad.


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    Re: Why do I feel so embarrassed?

    In soccer, game needs team soul to be done, that can say Ahhhhhhhh! Was great!

    Japanese people seem to me that can not distinguish when to act as team and when to act as individually. Look at yesterday, Japanese when they think them rich Argentinafs area say in 18 or in 20 meter they just shoot the ball like a BAGA.

    Argentina did the same attack but without selfish attitude. They come so close to Japanese net and when Japanese player expect that he is going to shoot directly, he just pass the ball left and here is first goal, and rest not much different than first one.

    Phil Troussier tried to give them CREATIVITY, but seems Japanese gOhhhh, iie, wata____achi wakarimasu!!!h and yesterday we learn more clearly how much they knew it.

    I feel sorry for ZICO, but hay who cares, if baga cannot understand or not try to understand hard and choose easy way to give money mean lot money so if I were ZICO I accept their offer.

    Zico or Phil Troussier or even PELE cannot help Japanese soccer.
    When they are in game Japanese seems to think it was not a ball but watermelon and play. When Japan allows foreigner more in their soccer team than soccer in Japan in 20 times will improve.
    And I donft want to see their angry, baga and selfish, jealous face after every game. I wish they can use their brain and soul and love the color that they wear.

    But again, if they donft have soul than who caresc