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Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

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  • Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

    Japan is still moraly backwards:

    Yo____ada Konoike, state minister in charge of deregulation zones and disaster management, said the parents of a boy suspected of killing a small child should be beheaded.

    Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori said childless women should be denied welfare payments in old age.

    A former cabinet minister Seiichi Ota said at a debate on Japan's declining birth rate that at least gang rapists had a healthy appetite for sex.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda suggested that women who are raped are "asking for it" by the way they dress.

    -- and there is more idiocy but it is not limited to sexism:

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    Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

    what do you expect?
    you can hear the same comments from old racist conservatives in every country.
    that doesn't necessarily mean all japanese think that way.
    besides, they don't have the christian, jewish, or muslim moral dilemma in the culture.
    different place with different history, remember?
    a warrior/feudal culture thrust into industrialization only 120years ago.
    takes longer than that to really impact a culture and language towards a total change.
    it is more like the west than it was then.
    at least human life is valued here now, and suicide is discouraged.
    not so only 60 years ago.


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      Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

      john, john, john,

      If they cant figure it out by experience; then all they have to do is pick up a book and read:

      - why france doesn't use the guillotine anymore.
      - that welfare is beneficial economic stability by inducing spending. And excluding women alone is counterpoint
      - rape is an abysmal scourge upon any society.
      - blaming rape victims for rape is inane (actually I am at a loss for words to describe this statement)

      There is plenty of research/history that should point these "leaders" in the right direction.
      All they have to do is look for it.

      I wonder what MacArthur would do?


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        Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

        The key point is that while reactionary wingnuts in every country might spout the same garbage, all the quotes Westsan referred to above were made by prominent members of the Japanese ruling party! And none of them lost their jobs over it! If ____ Cheney, Jaques Chirac or Tony Blair ever said matter of factly that gang rape was a good thing in front of journalists, that would be the end of their careers, and rightly so! But in Japan, its more like everyone just goes 'tsk tsk, you shouldn't say that in public' and then everyone forgets about it.


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          Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

          westsan says: Japan is still moraly backwards

          I may not agree with all of Japan's ways (I was absolutely appalled when I read the article about beheading the child's parents), but I do not believe anyone has a right to judge them. Life is subjective, what is right to one is wrong to another and the other way around. Who are you to say whether they are morally backwards or not? Just because their ideas and ways are different doesn't make them wrong/bad/morally backwards.

          Just a thought


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            Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

            Sosa summed it up best.

            If any prominent westen leader/stateman refered to women in such a way
            the public would string them up via their polical genitalia.

            In Japan politicians are still under the impression that they are untouchable in regards to what they say and about whom, Incredible considering no Japanese priminister has been able to serve out a term in over ten years for slips of the tongue, corruption aside.

            While the mass media does good job of cutting the lunch of any politician
            thats falls out their favour, unfortunately the Japanese public have forgotten that they have a voice and how to use it in condeming sexist politicans.

            So unfortunately until the Japanese public and not just the media starts saying "Hey that is unacceptable!" the old guard politicans
            will continue to think that they can say anything and their underling spin
            doctors can do the damage control.
            Note I am not inciting anarchy or public disobedience, but a vocal crowd can never be under estimated.

            Never the less at risk of contradicting the last psalm. Mori must have been born with that foot in his mouth.

            Thats my 2 cents before tax.


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              Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

              That is very true, racehorse, about the politicians being able to say whatever they want with the knowledge that the general public will never get agitated enough to cost them their jobs. Politicians everywhere treat the public with a certain amount of condescention and disdain, only in Japan it seems the bar has been moved much further than in most other countries. Yasuo Fukuda seems to be particularly adept at this, I noticed during the run up to the war in Iraq him quite openly stating that the views of the public would in no way be considered when trying to formulate a policy towards Iraq. Anywhere else and this sort of thumbing the nose at the electorate would have caused a lot of outrage, but here it passed without a peep.


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                Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

                Saddle up Sosa

                Yeah sorry the clouds were covering the sun there for a while and I could,nt see.

                For just split second I was under the impression that we the plebs had
                some sort of influence over our masters.

                Any way back to reality!
                A certain amount of condescention and disdain! Ha ha ha I thought it was total apathy to or disregard. ..No seriously ya gotta hate em back!

                My point being like most politicians they wait for the scandals to blow over
                and the media to move on to bigger and juicer targets. That how these
                sneaky little pieces of legislation slip though, "On the sly"while we dream.

                While it is harder to keep ones eye on the political ball with the media moving the lens, it is really duty of the electorate to not let these things rest. If these sort of bills get through it is because of back room deals,something the public has knowledge of but no power over, Or the simply the public does`nt deem it worth fighting over. Disinterested !

                Of course the passion to fight for the good of the countrys future is somewhat diminished when they see the total lack of moral fortitude
                in their nations parlourment(pun intended)
                But never the less when even some sections of the media can be brought.
                The public and the only the public is left to "Keep the bastards honest"
                to quote an old Australian Labour party war cry. They cant buy us all.

                But maybe I`m just a romantic fool.


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                  Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

                  Eloquently put, raceace.

                  The problem seems to be that Japan (like most other countries I suppose) is a country run by a small clique of socially inept little 70 year old men with combovers wearing unflattering polyester suits. Basically they run the country exclusively to the benefit of their fellow combover suit wearing male septegenerians. Everyone else can ____ off.

                  I say its time Japan had another revolution. Its been about 130 years since their last one, the place seems due. Unfortunately no one seems interested in the idea, save for a few rightwing nuts who want to give even more power to the combover crowd than they have now. Its sometimes a depressing place.....


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                    Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

                    "they cant buy us all"

                    I like that but too bad they just have to buy > half :/
                    I will keep looking for a silver lining in Japan but...

                    ...I am starting to thing that cheap sweat shop labor that doesnt complain too much is again the only attribute. tsk


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                      Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

                      There is another man who I feel deserves a mention on this thread. He is the Husband of Queen Elisabeth II of dear old blighty. Yes, the foot in the mouth veterine Prince Philip (he can't get sacked either).
                      He's come of with some classics.
                      In Beijing in the 80's he was speaking to some English students and after saying it was a ghastly place he said "If you stay here much longer, you'll all be slitty-eyed."
                      In Australia a couple of years ago he asked an Aborigini if they still throw spears at each other.
                      In the UK while on the Golden Jubilee tour talking to the Public he spotted a blind woman with a guide dog and said "Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?"
                      While speaking to a black man he said "you're very black, how hilarious".
                      And what about Bush and his "Paki's"
                      Come on guys wake up to the world...


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                        Re: Screw Women: Japan says the Wildest things

                        Yes Ponce Philip has a great list of achievements against humanity.
                        It has been a while between drinks for Phil, it must be about time for him to
                        remind the world again about his award winning tact in international affairs.

                        Yet his son Charles the royal wing nut is quite worldly in his views go figure!
                        You cant fire the old man, but maybe someone can fire him out of one
                        of those nicely polished canons during the next royal celebration
                        about nothing important!

                        Was`nt it Fergy and Diana who talked about the grey coated gentleman
                        that forced everyone in the estate to be political correct in everything they
                        did in public. They must of missed Phillip!

                        Regards The Raceace