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Are we hypocrites?

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  • Are we hypocrites?

    Politicians in Japan seem to consider themselves above and beyond the reach of their
    constituency. Japanese politicians dont even try to hide there distain for the public who dare
    to ask for change or an improvement. Their condescending tones and remarks are with peer
    anywhere in the politcal world (Well at least in my humble opinion!)

    We in our respective home countries boast about the systems that allows us to question and
    vent our anger on underperforming politicians by voting them out of power every few years even earlier if need be, not counting empeachment or Double dissolution etc..
    Japan has a system that also provides the exactly same facility yet the voter turn out is
    modest to be polite.

    Of course when a population starts to lose confidence in all of it parties left, right and democrats they just dont vote, that is unless you are in a country with a compulsory voting

    The Japanese complain about their leader yet do nothing, and we expats in Japan say "Well do something about it, vote!"
    It has only just occured to me that I have used my citizens right to vote only twice and I have fined for the other times where I did,nt cast a vote. Although these days I feel more of an moral obligation to vote out the fools and abusers of parlimentary priviledge.

    Without stating you preference at the last poll, did you vote in your country to get rid of some dead wood?
    If not, is it fair that we berrate the Japanese for not using their vote.

    (This post is not attack on anyone, but merely an observation that I have made
    especially in my case)

    Regards The Raceace

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    Re: Are we hypocrites?

    Im trying my best to vote AGAINST Arnold... but the embassy didnt have any info


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      Re: Are we hypocrites?

      I haven't been voting back home since I moved to Japan. Kind of wish I had, because in the last provincial election this jerk Campbell was made premier. When I went back, everything had changed for the worse. Thousands of public servants, many of whom provided useful services had been fired. In order to cut taxes for big business he introduced user fees on just about everything that the government used to provide for free. The list goes on, kind of pissed me off and made me kick myself for not voting against him. Once I move back, I'll start voting again.


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        Re: Are we hypocrites?

        There is never really anyone that interesting to vote for, what's the point??

        If someone really funny or cool would run, I'd vote for him/her...


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          Re: Are we hypocrites?

          Someone funny or cool? I think intelligent and honest are qualities I look for when choosing people to run my country. Mind you, honesty is hard to come by in a politician.