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Jietai vs Iraq

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  • Jietai vs Iraq

    The terrorist bomb that exploded in Baghdad on Tuesday not only destroyed the local U.N. facility, but dealt a blow to Japan's plans to dispatch Self-Defense Forces to Iraq.

    Government sources said Wednesday that if SDF troops are sent at all it will be next year at the earliest. Has anyone heard anything different, or know of any web resources that see Japanese people speculating about when the SDF troops might go in ?

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    Re: Jietai vs Iraq


    good question and one which I am sure will cause at least a few of GP's more knowledgeable posters to respond.

    However, and not to belittle the question or sidestep it at all; notwithstanding the recent bomb attack on the UN facility in Baghdad, whilst many Japanese and others consider the arguments stated daily by those supporting or opposed to the dispatch of the SDF to aid the allied forces in Iraq (especially in light of recent events), the question of what will happen should (Japanese) casualties be taken seems to have been somewhat skirted around and partially ignored.

    Injury and death are indeed possibilities as daily attacks on U.S. troops and now the UN continue to indicate but whilst considering this point and the probable reaction after the event in which Japan possibly loses its first soldier in action for the past 5 decades, consider the following angle untouched upon thus far:

    If and when the Japanese troops suffer their first loss at the hands of US (yes - US) friendly fire what will happen?

    From a total of around 57,000 fatalities thousands upon thousands (around 17%) of young American deaths in Vietnam suffered this fate.

    ALL British 'combat' deaths in the first Gulf War were reportedly at the hands of their allies

    Friendly fire DOES happen in war but to the extent that the US are involved appears somewhat extreme when considering the above numbers does it not?

    Speaking from the experience of being in south east Turkey and then northern Iraq in the 90s when the U.S. downed two of its own Blackhawk helicopters killing a great many friendlies, (Kurds UK French Turks US) I and perhaps all there at the time were understandably left thinking; How? Why?

    Going from village to village in the area and meeting the locals soon thereafter I for one was more afraid of the Green Berets at my elbow than any possibility of unfriendly locals or Iraqi attack and know for sure that my feelings are not now and were not then unique to myself.

    What will Japan do if a situation like the above happens to her troops? It could and the longer Japan stays the greater the chance that it will.How it affects the future relationship with the U.S. should be thought over before the possibilty of friendly fire Japanese casualties turns into reality thereby covering the bases and expecting the unexpected - arguable signs of the maturity necessary to go into such a situation fully prepared.



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      Re: Jietai vs Iraq

      Wow amazing how just a few weeks can change how you feel about an issue.
      The UN bombing situation in Iraq has provided a terrible yet maybe timely
      dynamic to the debate.

      While I feel that Japan can give a great contribution to peace keeping exercises,
      As Sosa stated in another thread, Iraq is hardly a peace keeping exercise.
      With the American death toll unfortunately rising everyday it is not surprising the
      publics opposition to sending young Japanese soldiers to a certain mortality

      Koizumi although probably meant well forJapanese future standing in the world,
      has somewhat been painted into a corner. With elections in the air, my god I cant
      believe I said that about a Japanese PM, With him trying to appear strong and
      certainly swimming against the tide to push his new defence legislation through,
      he maybe thinking well if" I say right boys we,re not going" he might look all a
      backflipping nancyboy with no gumption. But should,nt trade Japanese lives for
      international brownie points.

      With the UN bombing in Iraq the assumption that just americans are on the s--tlist
      has been dispelled. Like landmines, terrorism is an equal opportunity weapon and
      this, if not before is certainly more apparent to the Japanese public now.

      MB you make an extremely good point Japan has`nt had a military fatality in over 50
      years, The people who have lost family to war are certain to be the most vocal over
      the issue. Japan has grown use to and enjoys peace and longevity, who doesnt?
      I would be fighting the system tooth and nail if they were thinking about sending my
      son be to bomb fodder in place of the Americans.
      And this is what GW wants, get a few more targets up front so he can exit stage right!
      GW has a habit of changing the rules went it dont suit him.

      A friendly fire incident is just too horrible to think about. But I certainly dont think it would
      be too conducive to Japan America relations. In that situation rather than losing face, I think the Americans would simply pull rank and say Japan does,nt know how to run a modern military/peacekeeping campaign.

      Discretion is the better part of valour in this case, Keep the boys safe at home and country
      wont hang you out to dry!

      Regards the Raceace


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        Re: Jietai vs Iraq

        Blood loss will not be tolerated with all the u푈̕vtalk going on at the last Hiroshima commemoration day. ΂őSs͍rpɋAIAlso, with Koizumi officially apologising over the comfort women, the ravages of war are very present in people's minds.
        The question is whether Bush expects Japan to join in or not. It certainly cannot be prudent to sacrifice lives just to support America. They started the ____ing war they can bear the death toll. And the hypocrisy surrounding the whole thing......innocent Iraqis slaughtered indiscriminantly, and then when a 'coalition' soldier is felled there is a ten-page spread in the newspaper saying 'Our boys MURDERED by Iraqis'.

        Raceace you are right - Koizumi must not trade Japanese lives for Brownie points. It is already looking like it could end up a pyrrhic victory with loads of Americans dead but victory gained.

        Great posts guys, thanks for that