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911 Two years on!

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  • 911 Two years on!

    Two years after that terrible day, here we are but are we any safer from
    terrorism than we were prior. Has president Bush`s plan to rid the world
    of terrorism worked or has it created a jilted new generation of extemists?

    Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it the headlight of a freight train carrying a nuclear device? Oh how 007!

    Regards The Racace

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    Re: 911 Two years on!

    We were already safe. The american government allowed 911 to happen so they would have an excuse to go into countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and the next one, I'm not sure --- seems like either Syria or North Korea at the moment. Americans believe in their way of life and we will do anything to assure it continues. Weaker countries can _____ all they want but they would do the same if they could. Any sane person knows we are right but it is fun to take the dissenting point of view. Dissention will not stop America. Terrorism will not stop america. It only makes us stronger and more vengeful. The thing about Americans is they know they are strong but they are not as arrogant about it as the world seems to think. The funny thing is we are stronger than everyone believes. Even most Americans have no idea how strong we really are. If anyone wants to stop us they have to take up arms but they have no chance at all. If it comes down to it we can destroy any country on earth over a weekend. This is not what we want to do. We actually do want peace but we are not willing to put up with outside threats even if they seem remote and slightly ridiculous. This is reality in the 21st century. Don't tell me about previous "super powers" who were ultimately humbled and defeated. This does not apply to america in the 21st century. We are smart and we will not allow anyone else to have powerful weapons that can hurt us even if it seems to the mass public like a country or group has no real intentions or ability of doing this. What this does is, and do not be confused about this, IT MAKES EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH OUR _____. Now here's the thing: We honestly have no desire to gloat about this. Whether it is right or wrong we have determined that our way of life is the best not only for us but for the rest of the world. And we have the means and indeed the right and responsibility to spread our way of life wherever we want. Therefore there is only one choice for the rest of the world: You either submit or you die. Plain and simple.


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      Re: 911 Two years on!

      Despite all your prowess and bluster, you are terrified of B in Ladi n and his followers. While you can destroy countries in a weekend, you cannot protect your own people. You conquer, but you cannot rule.

      With a simple phone message, O B L can bring the whole of the mighty US to a halt - now, that is power!


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        Re: 911 Two years on!

        Okay,lizardking is one of two things---- he`s either a troll or he`s an idiot!

        But, in either case, he is entitled to his views.

        I just happen to disagree with his.

        trip hop--- kudos!


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          Re: 911 Two years on!

          I think that Bush has made terrorism a lot more dangerous threat to America than it was before 9/11. All of the hijackers were Saudi or Egyptian, so what does he do? Invades Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time giving Egypt and Saudi Arabia hundreds of millions of dollars in military goods.

          How many acts of violence were commited by Iraqis against Americans in 2002? Zero. In 2003? Too many to count., maybe 15 a day or so. Bush is just creating more terrorists and making everyone else sympathize more with them than with the big bad US that goes around dropping bombs on little kids.


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            Re: 911 Two years on!

            While I'm fortunate enough to come from a place that I don't get a lot of sh*t about it (not many people have a strong view on australia), and everyone usually loves their own country, but I can:t see justification for quotes like:

            "Whether it is right or wrong we have determined that our way of life is the best not only for us but for the rest of the world."
            and "Any sane person knows we are right but it is fun to take the dissenting point of view."

            This just aint true. When people oppose Bush and his dudes, they're not just playing the friggin devil's advocate. They really do disagree. Whether you want to view that disagreement as a serious problem for the states or not is a different matter.


            Remember, what goes up must come down, so be nice to those _____es on your power ride up, lest they _____slap you on the way back down.

            Back to the 9.11 thing though, I'm left wondering why 2 years in a row there hasn't been any significant terror on the anniversary. Surely O B L would have made that call by now if he could have... Maybe his phone is out of order ; )


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              Re: 911 Two years on!

              THIRTY YEARS ON.....

              Thirty years ago, the democratically elected Marxist government of Salvador Allende was overthrown in a US-backed coup headed by the then-head of the Chilean armed forces, General Augusto Pinochet. With Washington's blessing and support, Pinochet set up a military dictatorship that was to last 16 years, and under which thousands of civilians were tortured, murdered or simply disappeared in a manhunt designed to wipe out left-wing politics in Chile for good.

              Just thought I'd give a reminder of something else that happened on sept 11...


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                Re: 911 Two years on!

                Gee Lizardking I hope not everyone in America thinks like that or even secretly thinks like
                I was taught the Golden rule was, "He who has the gold, makes the rules!" Although
                America technically speaking has a googleplex like overseas debt.
                But I would have thought that the event,s of the last two years would have shown most
                that being rich or a huge military is not always a viable defense against terrorism.
                I think if anyone has the capacity to understand and evolve to the threat of terrorism it is
                and has been the English,
                Their experience with the IRA has given them an insight to the lengths the people driven by shear hatred will go.

                The English military doctrine is one of minimal force, Doing things this way provides a window for negotiation and a rational approach to combat avoiding mass civilian deaths and in doing so avoiding resentment by the local population.

                The American military doctrine is one of Overwhelming force. Shoot first ask questions later, "Oh by the way little Afghan boy sorry about wiping your family but you had a choice did,nt you? You were either with us or against us!"
                If I was junior I,d be looking around for something to take my mind off the pain, terrorism sounds like a good idea.

                I thought the hive mentality was confined to ants and termites but it,s seems like it is your prefered American foreign policy.

                If a video of Bin Laden walking down a grassy valley makes everyone in the west feel uneasy then surely extremists in the east or anywhere in the world for that matter feel
                that any evil is possible without being caught.

                I hope that the next administration is a bit more accommodating of the other countries on this planet.


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                  Re: 911 Two years on!

                  Lizardking is a genius.