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  • Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!


    Have you been banned. Sure many people miss your postings..

    There're fun.

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    Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!! seems bongo is gone too........where is everybody?


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      Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

      bongo got his bad as* whipped and westyboy has gone to get some hell barrells at padang padang.


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        Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

        They left? maybe on vacation. I must admit I do miss Westsan when I need a laugh in the morning.

        We could try to make up some Westsan like posts:

        -Japanese women and padded bras/what you see is not what you get (Went bra shopping with my wife this past weekend)

        - Why middle aged American Teachers are the rulers of Japan

        - Where's the beef? Kyoto beef vs Hokkaido beef

        - etc


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          Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

          Maybe Westsan has been so infused in the Japanese culture both negative and positive he has succumed to the social pressures and has
          become a Hikkikomori statistic.

          Come on Westy get back on that soap box, we`ll help you!


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            Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!



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              Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

              please note the absence of westsan and the dork that keeps posting comments about the japanese being racist...


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                Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!


                Our guess is that he's busy making his LOL masterpiece (see below).


                LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL): GaijinPot's Online Comedy Film Festival

                GaijinPot is proud to announce the call for submissions for our first
                Online Comedy Film Festival: LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

                The 3 month festival (October - December) is sponsored by Vodafone
                and supported by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, GPlus
                Media, the Australian Embassy: Australian Arts Festival Japan 2003,
                The Foreign Buyers' Club, The Mansions, 100 Meter Films, Sakura House
                and Club Tocoo.

                Entries are to be 60 seconds or less in duration and somehow include
                the spoken word "Sumimasen" or the written letters "LOL" - so we know
                the video was made for our festival.

                Samples of videos submitted almost 10 years ago (courtesy of
                Japanzine magazine - formally The Alien) are viewable online and
                should give you a sense of what we're looking for; comic insight to
                the "Japan experience".

                The first 10 entries will receive movie ticket prizes and also go
                into a draw for a trip (in Japan) for 2, courtesy of Club Tocoo! The
                Mansions, an exclusive serviced apartment in Tokyo's Roppongi
                district, will give away a free stay coupon to the funniest video
                submitted in October.

                Other prizes will be awarded during the festival. Click the following
                link to see the list of prizes:

                The LOL judges are all industry professionals with extensive
                experience and connections in Japan. See their profiles:

                One of the other great incentives to join the LOL festival is the
                level of exposure your masterpiece will receive. We will be promoting
                the festival online (through & its affiliate sites), in
                print (nationwide - Japan) and to the Japanese media. It's a great
                opportunity to flex your creative muscles and be noticed.

                All entries should be submitted on Mini-DV or VHS (NTSC format). We
                will take care of the compression to make them internet capable.
                Videos will be uploaded as soon as they arrive at LOL headquarters so
                send them in asap to get maximum exposure. Entries received after
                December 15th, 2003 won't be accepted.

                Send in as many entries as you like from anywhere in the world but
                remember the theme: comic insight to the "Japan experience". Each
                entry must be accompanied by an entry form and submitted on a
                separate tape. Videos may be rejected on grounds of suitability for a
                general audience.

                Questions? Need more info? Email:

                We look forward to your participation.

                Phil Young
                LOL Headquarters


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                  Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                  In accordance with his offline instructions, have submitted Westsan's entry

                  Keep your eyes peeled for the tape labelled "" (Rated PG).


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                    Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                    Keep your eyes peeled for the tape labelled ""

                    No need. You'll cheerfully peel your eyes after you watch that tape.

                    But this competition sounds funny.


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                      Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                      Westsan is back, he cleverly disguised his alias by adding a "2" at the end............HHHouhou!!


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                        Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                        Yeah, The GP admin banned me.
                        They deleted all my threads.
                        And now they make fun of me about that LOL ****!

                        I was so frigging pissed!!!

                        I have another tidbit to add... while I was surfing... I noticed Blah
                        He was posting every so often on another board... as a very normal poster!
                        Made me wonder what they did to him to make him so angry at GP.
                        Life goes on...


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                          Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                          Westsan, are you back in incognito mode? If so, wouldn't it have been better to put some more modification on your original name, like an anagram or something.

                          If you add 2 letters to westsan, you can rearrange it to say "Nasty stew"
                          Now that, would be undercover.

                          But for what it's worth, welcome back.

                          PS: After pondering the anagram for a sec, I checked if there was a net-based anagram solver, and there is, and it came up with some absolute gems, such as "ass newt was sent and wet sans". Sorry, but that's pretty funny. I checked mine too, and got "od bulge and dog lube", a substance which might just be enough to get me banned as well.


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                            Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                            Ok, Nasty stew, please start one of your uniquly silly thread pronto!!
                            ....we gotta have some fun around here.
                            Thanks for the tip od bulge. By the art of disguise call me bob guy

                            Post Edited (10-22-03 05:12)


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                              Re: Newsflash: WESTSAN MISSING!!!

                              GP Admin.

                              Have you really banned WESTSAN or do we have a Westsan impersonator...

                              it's time to let us know.