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Have you heard of this great new web site!!

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  • Have you heard of this great new web site!!

    You know the one. The one that enables the Japanese to send an email to immigration office so they can check on your credentials i.e if you have a proper visa etc. And the reason why they might do this? Well if you make them feel uneasy???
    Yes it is true! It was designed ( according to the government) to be able to keep track/ report people who are in Japan illegally. But there is an option on the web page. ( Sorry folks I have not been able to come up with the web page address) that enables the user to click on the reason why they are sending the email. The round eye next door to me makes me feel uneasy???
    Come on! The United Nations has already condemned Japan on this.
    So the next time you hear that damn ramen truck driving through the streets at 11pm with that high pitch scream trying to entice someone to eat ramen from his dirty beat up truck think twice! Or the next time you smell that sweet smell of the neighborhood farmer taking the liberty of burning weeds, plastic and what ever other toxic materials he chooses think twice! Because they just may have a computer

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    Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

    the above web site you're refering to sounds like intentional bs or that you imagined it.


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      Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

      If this is real, I'd want to have a look at that. We could make our own counter site...

      Options (check all that apply):

      (a) The obaa-chan next door performs satanic rites at 3am.
      (b) The suited guy putting all the pink chirashi in my post is disrupting my family wa.
      (c) The old man who never gets tired of staring at me on the train is freaking me out.
      (d) General paranoia that doesn't fit any specific case.


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        Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

        Online `justice' protested
        By TARO KARASAKI, The Asahi Shimbun

        Immigration Web site for tips draws discrimination concerns.

        Human rights watchdog Amnesty International Japan lambasted the Justice Ministry on Friday for setting up a Web site function that allows the public to report on possible illegal foreign residents.

        It said the system was a clear violation of human rights.

        In a statement, the group expressed ``strong concern,'' saying the Internet site could promote racial discrimination and cause stigma toward foreigners.

        It called on the ministry to stop soliciting online tips.

        The Web site function made its debut Monday and several people contacted the ministry about foreigners they found suspicious. The ministry resorted to the new tactic as part of a government pledge to halve the number illegally residing foreigners within five years.

        There are an estimated 250,000 overstayers.

        The site seeks detailed information on suspected overstayers, such as nationality, sex, profession, place of residence and where the person was last seen. The motive for reporting the information is also requested.

        While the Web site asks for the informant's personal information-including their name, address and phone number-it is not mandatory.

        Only the informant's age and prefecture of residence are required. The information is relayed to about 100 regional immigration bureaus nationwide.

        The Tokyo-based National Network in Solidarity with Migrant Workers also sent a letter of protest to the Justice Ministry.

        An official at the Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau said the program is intended to help prompt reporting on possible illegal foreigners.

        ``The program is meant to increase the means by which people can report suspected cases,'' explained an Immigration Bureau official, adding that the bureau has been receiving tips from the public through mail or phone calls.

        In 2002, regional bureaus received tips that led to the apprehension of about 75,000 foreigners, including those from anonymous sources. He said the Web site has already received about 200 tips.

        ``We have no intention of encouraging discrimination,'' the ministry official said, adding that tips will be thoroughly investigated, and information will not be leaked.

        Groups providing medical and general counseling services for undocumented foreigners said that they fear the system could hinder humanitarian activities.

        ``It is like a reign of terror,'' said one official at the Catholic Tokyo International Center's Chiba branch. He added that some foreigners have already expressed fear about the online whistle-blowing system. The branch handles hundreds of cases each year, and was planning to start medical checkup services in March. But the official said the branch may have to reconsider this plan.

        (IHT/Asahi: February 21,2004) (02/21

        Read up!!


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          Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

          I think its true. Remember reading it a few days back at Japantimes. Really Scary eh!


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            Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

            Yes that is the article that I am refering to in the Japan times. I am unable to find it right now.


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              Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

              Found the article. Read up people! This is no joke!
              Service to rat online on illegal aliens a racist ploy: Amnesty

              Amnesty International Japan on Friday called on the Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau to stop its recently launched service to field e-mail tips on suspected illegal aliens, saying it promotes racism.
              The human rights watchdog said in a statement that the Immigration Bureau is "encouraging reports without any concrete proof."

              Immigration officials responded by claiming the service for informants is "simply part of measures to computerize" such information. They added that receiving tips does not mean authorities will immediately move to apprehend suspected illegal residents.

              On Monday, the Immigration Bureau introduced a section on its Web site that allows people to send tips on the identity, address or workplace of undocumented foreigners.

              On Monday and Tuesday alone, the bureau received tips on about 100 people through the new service. It also asks informants to indicate why they are reporting someone and offers preset options.

              Amnesty said the preset options, such as "causing anxiety" or "causing a nuisance to the neighborhood," are unrelated to the offense of staying in Japan illegally and will "fan aversion and anxiety" toward non-Japanese.

              Once a report is submitted to the Web site, it is automatically sent to regional immigration bureaus.

              Japanese law enforcement authorities are cracking down on foreigners who overstay their visas. In particular, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to halve the number of its illegal aliens in the next five years.

              For 2002, the bureau said it received tips on 75,000 people by phone or mail, as well as e-mail forwarded to the ministry.

              The Japan Times: Feb. 21, 2004


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                Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

                do you have the link to this website?
                is it still available?


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                  Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

                  Sorry I don't know the address. I am sure if you type justice ministry you should be able to come up with it. I would tend to think it is all in Japanese.
                  I can't read Japanese. Hiragana/ Katakana yes but Kanji no. So even if I did come across the web site I wouldn't be able to figure it out.


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                    Re: Have you heard of this great new web site!!

                    I hate to rain on your parade of indignation, but there's not much new about collecting information on illegals and overstayers from anonymous tip offs. In immigration offices worldwide, it's standard practice to collect "dob ins" over the phone. I hate to admit it, but in a previous life as an immigration drone in the Australian public service, I had to do li sten to folk spewing bile about their neighbours and workmates. The best I heard was a Tongan guy, reporting his aunt as an overstayer because she "ate everything in the fridge"
                    I kid you not!