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  • Donate instead of worrying

    Hello everyone

    Of course many of us worry about those who were there when tsunamis hit. But worry doesn't help.

    Passing the account number for donating money to Japan`s Red Cross that would be used to help the tsunamis victims:
    You can also donate to Japan's Red Cross, post office account

    free transfer

    If you have other accounts recommended, post them, but let's do something a bit more useful rather than just worry.

    If every member of Gaijin Pot made a donation, that would be better than nothing, and I am sure would help to get many people out of hospitals sooner.

    Info in Japanese is below. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

    Natalia @ For ALL

    ◆受付期間 平成16年12月28日(火)から平成17年1月 31日(月)
    ◆受付方法 郵便振替 
     口座名義 日本赤十字社 
     口座番号 00110-2-5606

     振替用紙の通信欄に「スマトラ島沖地震救援」と明記 して*ださい。
     郵便局窓口での取扱いの場合振替手数料は免除されま す。

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    Get involved

    Thanks for the information!

    I had some ideas for folks (I haven't read the other posts yet so maybe someone else has had similar ideas) to get involved. Whether you belong to a small language school or one of the bigger ones, try finding a way to get people involved... Here are a few of my ideas, feel free to use them if you can... Some of them are for immediate needs while others are for longer term needs...

    1. Find ways to raise donations (most reports only request money as other kinds of donations have huge logistic challenges).
    2. Consider "adopting" an area. This could be a family, a town, a school, etc. There might be agencies that can link you up - or try contacting the various embassies...
    3. Start a "saving" plan for donations in the coming months. How can your students save and raise money over the next year? Ideas could include not buying a can of juice on the way to work/school, or asking family to donate in their name for their birthday, etc.

    Future Needs
    1. Have kids classes write letters or posters that can be mailed out later to kids in hospitals/orphanges, etc...
    2. Have students find places that accept donations of goods such as clothing, educational supplies, etc.
    3. Do a research project on NGOs, focusing mainly on the ones operating where the tsunami hit.
    4. Debate the needs and benefits, etc of NGOs and their work, with your students. What do you think they need the most? Which is more important...? After the debates, have a little donation or fundraising event.

    These are just some of the ideas I had. If anyone knows of good sites with information, please post them so we can all find ways to get involved. A couple of hours of our time, a few missed nights out... when you consider what is needed, this is such a small price to pay...


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      Thanks BKun.

      Here is another link to the BBC news site which lists organisations that are
      looking for donations, explaining what they spend money on as all are
      different. Just in case it is of interest:

      Natalia @ For ALL