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Japan's Move to Reduce the # of Foreign Entertainers

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  • Japan's Move to Reduce the # of Foreign Entertainers

    Japan has recently reduced their quota of foreign entertainers from 80,000 to 6,000 since, they are under pressure from the US because of the prevalent human trafficking.

    I do remember that Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is an ally of the US , which explains their decision. I don't know if its good or not? Because certainly that would mean scores of jobless entertainers or probably scores of Thais,Filipinos ETC that's affected...

    What can you say???

    For me,I think Japan's defense is an economic move. they just would not want to accept everybody now that they are starting to open up. everyone has to be filtered. they may have reduce the number of entertainers but they are welcoming healthcare workers. and under negotiations are other areas of manpower services.

    *******by the way, most of us has this silly misconception of connoting "entertainers" as indecent gro's/b*tches... well, some might be crossing the line but there are still japan overseas workers who are purely entertainers. there's no blaming here since what catches our attention are news about failures, distress and negative plights of our kababayans. how many times have we seen a feature on the success of some of them? only if they get famous abroad!****

    ***Just my point of view***

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    They are not welcoming healthcare workers yet. Despite the fuss over Gloria MA's and Koizumi' s meeting, the Japan side has decided to look again at the figures, so nothing has been agreed. And it won't happen for a while.

    But the RP will suffer. 80% of Nursing school students now want to work abroad after training, further depleting the Philippine's own skilled labour force, while even doctor's are re-training as nurses as the pay overseas is better. Who is left to take care of Pinoy? Juan Tamad?

    But I am sure in a few months, Certificates of Bonafide Entertainer will be on sale in Quiapo, Makati and Quezon City, and this minor hiccup in the flesh trade will have been forgotten.

    But why don't more "Balikbayan" tell what life is really like in Japan? And the maraming tago-ng-tago? Walang trapaho! Walang pera di ba!