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Cost of Living

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  • Cost of Living

    I'm about to move to Japan, and want a realistic idea of how much I need to live per month. My rent is paid for, but how much will I need to spend on:

    1. food
    2. ammenities (gas and electricity)
    3. transportation ( in Tokushima-shi, although I can walk to school, so other transportation)
    4. entertainment
    5. needs such as toiletries

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    Re: Cost of Living

    Your question is pretty tough. Everything depends on your personal needs and desires...

    The size of your freezer...

    And how much effort you`re willing to make in order to save money...

    I think Glenski has a low-ball breakdown... I`m sure he`ll send it soon.

    I spend quite a bit more, but I eat out/go out pretty often. I never make lunches and I don`t really like cheap restaurants. I spend about 80,000 yen/month on people and cat food, beer, household stuff, shoes, clothing, etc. I can`t give you a breakdown as I buy almost everything at the same place. You could easily cut that in half.

    I spend about 20,000 yen/month on utilities including internet connections and 2 phone lines.

    My entertainment is mostly free; I like walking and going to the beach. Also people-watching. Renting movies is 300 yen/week.

    Even though I`m pretty extravagant, I still save money. I can afford to go to Canada or the States 2-3 times/year.


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      Re: Cost of Living

      That is a very positive response!!!

      You live extravagantly but can still go to the States/Canada 2-3 times a year?

      I know that the pay in Japan is good, but I'm still worried about expenses. After rent, health insurance etc, I will be getting 195 000 (I guess after much is that by the way?).

      I'm guessing that that is a great amount of money, but am I not taking into account anything else? By the way, I'm quite an extravagant liver myself!


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        Re: Cost of Living

        Send me an email for a breakdown of expenses. Figure on these as some basic costs.

        Utilities (average) 15,000 to 20,000 yen/month [depending on location and season]
        Groceries (average) 30,000 yen/month [snacks not included, but toiletries included]
        A Coke and candy bar per day will run you 10,000 yen/month.
        Phone (average) 3500-8000 yen/month [depending on service and options, and NOT including the cost of calls. Even local calls cost money in Japan, so this does not mean you have to watch out only for long distance calls.]
        Going out to nightclubs, bars, etc. twice a week will run you 30,000-50,000 yen/month [on a VERY conservative estimate]

        If you get a monthly pass for local transportation, expect to pay 15,000-20,000 yen/month. has some individual items priced. I also have a list if you are interested.


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          Re: Cost of Living

          Hi again. Most companies pay for your train pass... but you`re too close to work. Hopefully there are lots of interesting places within walking/biking distance! I`m lucky; I live in the sticks, basically, and work in Tokyo. My company pays for the monthly pass and I can use it anytime.

          My utilities seem very cheap, but I never use the heater/aircon thingie. THAT can really make your utility bills jump. My bathtub and range are gas-powered. I bought a kerosene heater and just use a fan in the summer. I have a `city phone`(limited area cell phone) and use a broadband phone for most calls. I also try to use my fax machine and Messenger as much as possible. Much cheaper!

          My food, etc. bill is high... but you know why already!

          Get the breakdown from Glenski, I`ve seen it and it seemed very thorough.


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            Re: Cost of Living

            i was wondering what decent income was in japan i was going to apply to a few jobs that pay about 200,000 yen a month is that a comfortable income or will i be stretching my budget every month i have two children a husband and a son in the states here. i live in us and am thinking to move to japan. help.....