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Get work VISA in country?

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  • Get work VISA in country?

    I have secured a teaching job in Nishinomiya. While I am assured that I have the job, I have now been told that they are behind on their paper work and there is a chance I will not be able to get my work visa before we leave for Japan on August 22.

    1.) May I enter Japan as a tourist and get my work visa in Japan after the paperwork is finished?

    2.) I only have one-way tickets, will I still be able to enter as a tourist?

    3.) If I have to leave the country to get a work visa, may I just go to Korea, instead of all the way back to the U.S. Also, I am bringing my husband and my 2-year-old daughter. Will they have to leave the country too?

    Any knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Get work VISA in country?

    Has ANYONE on the board been able to get their work VISA while in Japan?


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      Re: Get work VISA in country?

      1. Nope not usually
      2. Difficult to answer as Immigrations normally wants exit tickets
      3. Yes you can go to a third country. Husband and daughter might have to go too.
      you seem to be placing yourself into a real messy situation. Is your husband coming on a tourist visa? if he is he will have to leave after 3 or 6 months(if he gets an extension)> So your costs will go up especially with round trip tickest to Korea or another country , hotel and so forth. If I was you I would consider delaying my departure date until I had that visa locked up in my passport.


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        One-wat ticket inquiry

        I am an Australian coming to Japan early Nov on a Toursit visa in order to marry my japanese fiance. Thereafter we will get married and subsequently I will apply for a Spouse visa,enabling me to seek paid work.

        My question regards arriving at immigration in possession of a one-way ticket. I have arranged for my fiance to send me a validated letter stating our/my intent for travelling to Japan and the reason why I have a one-way ticket not a return. (in tandem with photographic and financial evidence that our relationship is genuine) I have visited and telephoned the Japanese consulate in Sydney and asked them, they tell me that there is no hard and fast rule regarding arriving in Japan with only a one-way ticket. Australians can remain in the country for up to 90 days without a visa but there seems to be a very large grey area concerning whether one needs to travel on a return ticket.

        Can the voice(s) of reason please speak to me as the situation is causing m,y a little bit o stress.