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  • Surfing, Snowboarding

    I am a certified high school teaching in Canada and I am trying to get a teaching job in Japan for September. The thing is that I want to be able to go Surfing or Snowboarding like every day after class. So my question is Where in Japan would I be best to find a job. I am also wondering as to the best type of schools to work in? What is a competitive wage? Are some companies better then others? Will schools reimburse the cost of the fight? Are their school that provide and pay for accommodation?


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    Re: Surfing, Snowboarding can surf anywhere in the following locations:

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      Re: Surfing, Snowboarding

      So you are certified to teach in Canada. Ok, teach what subject? English? Biology? Music? (I assume certified means you have a bachelor's degree. Is this right?)

      What type of school situation are you interested in? High school? Elementary school? Juku? Eikaiwa? Business school? University?

      A competitive wage depends on your answer to the above questions. Language schools usually offer 250,000 yen/month. Go to and read the FAQ about teaching for figures on salaries.

      Are some companies better than others? Of course.

      Will schools reimburse the cost of flight? Only 2 that I know of do this. Westgate Corporation (which offers 3-4 month contracts at universities), and the JET program (which is a government funded operation that sends you to high schools as an assistant to the Japanese teacher of English).

      Are there school (sic) that provide and pay for accommodation? Most provide something, yes, but very VERY few pay your rent & utilities. Those that provide housing sometimes give you shared housing with another teacher.

      Interesting that you should have posted a message about these teaching basics in a relationships forum.


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        Re: Surfing, Snowboarding

        Thanks for the info and to answer your questions: I have a bachelors of Education. My teaching areas are Industrial Arts and Fine Art but I have experience in teaching both grade 8 English and Social Studies as well as teaching special needs students. As for the type of school I would like to teaching in I am not too sure. I spent a summer teaching ESL in Taipei back in 2000. I was low on cash when I got to Taiwan so I had to work throw and agent it was great at the time but I spent most of the days on the Bus and MRT going from one Bushiban to the next and I really donít want to go throw that all again in Japan. I think that I would prefer University or the public school system or maybe International schools I would go back to teaching children if it was a good school but I got pretty tired of the way that the private schools in Taipei were run. As for why I posted on the relationships forum. I messed up and put it in the wrong one.


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          Re: Surfing, Snowboarding

          With a BA degree, you will not be able to teach university classes.
          Your degree and background are suitable enough to apply for jobs in a high school, and even though you won't be traveling all over town (likely) in that line of work, you will very likely be working 10-12 hour days. Classes go from 9 to 3:30, but endless meetings abound, plus you will probably be required to take part in extracurricular activities, and your lesson planning will add to your hours in the school because most of the time you don't have lesson plans given to you for the curriculum.


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            Re: Surfing, Snowboarding

            To robbiea76, this is more in the direction of your lifestyle set-up once in Japan.
            Many people seek that perfect balance of work and play, and here it is something that is even harder, more so than back in BC where lifestyle is really very different.
            I did find it hard to adjust and get in line with what everbody else does day in day out.

            I think you have to make a choice between living in one of the Big cities
            or not. Now of course jobs dictate where you live, so depending on what your true priority
            is, this will be a major factor, and actually this is what my point is.

            As you probably know there are a gazillion ways to approach teachings jobs here.
            you can join one of the MC schools, big or small, public, private, and so on.
            If you can set up some interviews before departing that will for sure help.

            There are some really great places in Japan to explore, and if you love to surf and snowboard I'm sure you will have some good times.

            Back to Geography. I've been here for over 5 years, minus a few long vacations.
            If I had to choose where to live it would be Chiba, its a huge coastal prefecture that gets
            alot of good swell year round. and not even that cold in the Winter either.
            You can definitely find some job(s) to make you happy there.

            My second choice would be Hokkaido, around Sapporo City, its alot like Vancouver
            in terms of climate and size, with alot of Hills around that are easy to get to, not to mention lots of snow. Again You can find something there too, however it might take a bit more effort.

            Like I said it depends on what you're looking for in terms of balance, so Good Luck to you!