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Whats it like being a gaijin in Osaka?

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  • Whats it like being a gaijin in Osaka?

    Anyone have any thoughts? Here are mine...

    This should provide you with some answers

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    Can't you just tell us what your thoughts are?
    As interesting as your website sounds, I don't have the time or the inclination to search through it.
    Give us some concrete comments and we can start a discussion.



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      Yeah, if you don't have flash installed all you see is a big "get the plugin" icon. It probably looks cool but it's good if you can navigate a site with basic html.

      Just a tip. Most people do have their plugins working, but I prefer not to use flash, activex etc etc unless I absolutely have to.


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        Yeah, I have an idea. How about a some excersize (and a diet) for a change? Nice nutcase right wing diatribe....


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          Dont be sad...

          You thought diatribes were only for left wing wackos? America was founded on the belief of Diatribes for All!

          Please, dont hate me because Im rational.


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            Yeah, rational, thats right.

            Why are you including your website with all of your posts?
            Last edited by Jackie Treehorn; 2004-08-25, 05:08 PM.


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              Listen Jackie...

              My arguments are rational and reasonable and supported by FACTS (liberals forget this part of a debate) cultivated from liberal and left leaning news sources (MSNBC, CNN, BBC etc) so there is no argument as to their source.

              Again, I dont mind what liberals spout off about as long as they can provide facts that support their ramblings. To date I have seen nothing that supports liberals ranting about Bush lieing, or the US profiting from Iraqi oil or any of the other ridiculous statements and views on current events that are infecting the left.

              When someone produces FACTS and not just quotes from movies or gossip from the net then I will be more than willing to listen.

              All I ask is that people do NOT take other peoples words for granted (left or right). Do your own research and find out the real reason why you believe what you believe.

              That ,in my opinion, is rational and reasonable.

              As for the site, I feel its entertaining (opinion again) and I have some things to say I think people should hear about the upcoming election.

              But I understand if you find it difficult listening to opinions that dont necessarily agree with your own beliefs. Tis the liberal M.O.


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                Excuse me? But the pentagon itself was going to hold back 15% of the money it was to pay Halliburton. The reason? Their subsidiary in Kuwait overcharged for oil transportation and a large number of purchased items were unaccounted for. The list goes on and on about various violations made in Iraq regarding contracts/Iraqi funds vs. US funds/Iraqi companies (not used) vs. American companies being used. Basically, US companies are using Iraqi money while they are supposed to be using US money for the "reconstruction".

                Can you find me a liberal who said that Saddam was a good guy? Nobody was saying that, they new it wasn`t the time to go to war with Iraq, and the way in which Bush did it was just about the worst way possible, and it was cost countless lives, both Iraqi and American. Bush and his Admin. have failed in every respect regarded the Iraq war......well, with the exception of ousting Saddam.

                I don`t understand why republicans are so gung-ho about Bush. He isn`t even a republican, he is a radical. Under his Admin, discretionary spending has gone up (non-military expenditures) and government has grown. The last thing Bush is is conservative.

                Then you get all the arm-chair generals for Bush. Bush got out of service and was believed to be AWOL during his stint in the ANG, Cheney got 6 (7?) deferments and didnt serve...while at the same time being quite vocal about his support for the war in vietnam, Wolfowitz didnt serve, Rumsfielf (guess what!) didnt serve, hell......the only guy who was dragging his feet in Iraq did serve, Colin Powell. Not to mention that the DOD and White House basically ignored the State Dept.

       we have Kerry, who did serve (not that its needed to be CIC) and is getting sh#t from what are essentially a bunch of pussys who talk the talk but wont walk the walk. As for Kerry`s protesting after getting back from Vietnam......doesn`t one get the right to protest after putting their life on the line and getting wounded in the process?


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                  Oh my goodness!

                  Godzilla gaijin, that site is pathetic. You epitomize the typical fat, ignorant American abroad. Congratulations on helping to screw up your fellow countrymen`s reputations in Japan. Oh and my, isn`t saying "f*** this" and "f*** that" just so hilarious! Kurogane, come forth with your complex vocabularly in condemning this website!
                  And godzillagaijin, shave off that damn goatee. You look like an idiot.


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                    Godzilla gaijin,

                    I find your WebSite, greatAgood job!!!! looks very human@and cool!!!



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                      So let me get this straight...

                      If the pentagon(under the Bush administration) is withholding money from Haliburton because a Kuwaiti (not American) company overcharged them, you hold Bush responsible for the plundering of Iraq? SOunds like Bush is trying to make sure the Iraqi people dont get swindled to me...But those are your words, not mine.

                      The money being spent in Iraq comes from four different sources. The first being the small amount contributed by the international community which hasnt really materialized yet in the form of actual cash, only guarantees. The second is from money being produced by the Iraqi oil supply which is ALL under the control of the Iraqi oil ministry. The third is from a fund Saddam had stolen from the Iraqi people and skimmed off the Oil for Food program run by the UN. And lastly, and most importantly LARGELY from the American taxpayers whose ELECTED representatives authorized the spending of 87 billion dollars to help the Iraqi people. In no way has Bush used Iraqi dollars to fund the reconstruction effort.

                      And another thing...when you use terms like "the list goes on and on" it means nothing to me or any other rational person...You have a list, you show it to me with proof. Those words are just meaningless filler meant to boost your position. If you have a position, prove it. Other like minded liberals might use your "laundry list" approach to spout amens to the choir, but I dont buy the bullcrap.

                      Spending has gone up because the times call for it. I and nearly ALL of the American people are willing to foot the bill if it means the country is safer. That means improving local defense and infrastructure and hiring more people. Also, taxes have been cut, meaning more money is not coming in. Buddy, three years ago my country got hit by 4 planes killing 3000 plus people. Im ready to pay heftly if it means we can be safer in the future...and you know what? So far so good. Dont fault the president for making sacrifices for the people of the US. Im glad we have someone in office who has taken the time and the money to fix what should have been fixed ten years ago. If clinton had spent the money instead of singlemindedly cutting budgets (including the CIAs) we might not have lost 3000 patriots.

                      The greatest presidents in history didnt fight in a war. Lincoln, Roosevelt...They never faught, but they sure as hell led during war time. The president aint out in the trenches. If its the presidents job to go out on a swift boat up the Mekong Ill vote for Kerry, but its not. His job is to make tough, practical decisions whether they are popular or not. And Bush does that. Kerry cant make up his mind.

                      As far as protesting, sure I believe in protest. Protest your ass off. But make sure you are committed to it. You cant bad mouth the war and the people who fought side by side with you one minute, then use that war and your own record to help you get elected. But hey, we are all used to Kerry doing whats best for himself anyway. The guy keeps one eye on the polls and one eye on the prompter. Kind of like another guy who ended his term four years ago. And look how great that turned out.

                      I dont know if your American or not, but I dont care. If you want to vote Kerry, go for it. But my voice is out there on my website. And my voice will be heard in the election.

                      And JBS3009...Your response is typical. Instead of using reason and approaching a problem with clarity what do you do? Resort to name calling and insults. I love it. Sounds like Michael Moore and Al Franken to me. Why is it you dont find republicans doing that sort of thing? I wonder...
                      Last edited by godzillagaijin; 2004-08-25, 09:16 PM.


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                        Thanks for the call, man, but Kurogane is sick of More American Jerkoffs Abroad, and cannot be bothered to even go to said website. He is content to be happy with his Right Thinking American friends, and to ignore the counter-evolutionary troglodytic ‚hilistines. And besides, Takai commends him, so we know when a troll like that likes something, we're at the bottom of the evolutionary mudpit with this F'wit.
                        Nice to be thought of, though


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                          I'm not an American, but I did have a wank earlier on this evening.




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                            What time did you wank? I was wanking earlier this evening as well!!!!!!!!!!! Could this be Onanistic synchronicity?


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                              And there it is...

                              counter-evolutionary... troglodytic... ‚hilistines...evolutionary...Onanistic...synchron icity...

                              Thats quite an impressive vocabulary you have. Not the words I would have chosen, I feel a well placed f*ck, c*ck and sh*t can have the same effect. But hey, Im a just another jerkoff American abroad. But really, I know I can speak for everyone who read it that I was thoroughly impressed. You must have yourself a grand time macking all those socialist, tree hugging, hairy armpitted counter culture chicken heads in Picadilly. I heard all you need is a membership card to the Revolutionary Workers Party and a thesaurus and they get all hot and bothered down in their danglies.

                              Boy JBS, you were right on with this lad...He was no disappointment at all. Kind of followed in your footsteps huh? Presented with a rational arguement he bowed out without even a nod (though the post itself could be construed as one). But he did give a good go at the old liberal insult game didnt he though? Never a dull moment with these left wingers...Can always count on you to dodge facts and realities and launch with the personal insults.

                              Kurogane, does it ____ you off to know that my vote counts in this upcoming election and all the while youll just be sitting there wanking and flipping through your big word flash cards in anticipation of the result? Sure sucks to be powerless in the most important election of our lives. Dont worry though, you have the coronation of Prince Charles to look forward to.

                              Youre ever Right Thinking American Jerkoff pal,