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So many questions...

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  • So many questions...

    I am moving to Tokyo to work for Aeon for a year. The school is located in Jiyukoaga...Tokyo region. Anybody know anything about this area? Also is it possible to bring everything I need (clothes, personal items, computer, guitar) on the plane? If not what is the wisest way to ship this stuff? Also what should I do to prepare for this adventure? Thanks!

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    Re: So many questions...

    You should ask Aeon to tell you more about the area you will be working and to recommend things to bring, shipping services, etc.


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      Re: So many questions...

      Hi, I think you spelt it wrong, its Jiyugaoka, and its a good area, reasonably central.
      Check what your baggage allowance is with your airline. I think a couple of suitcases, + a couple of items of hand luggage to take on board.


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        Re: So many questions...

        Hi there

        Geez - Aeon should help you with this stuff. I am arriving in Japan in 10 days to work with Nova and they told us to pack for the season you are arriving in and post the other stuff economy air, which I am doing - but I live in Aus now and am not used to the cold, so I am still taking some jackets, etc. I was in Japan for Xmas and it was so cold.

        Apparently try not to use unaccompanied baggage as Narita is a good travel to get back to just to pick up the luggage - if you have heaps over the allowance, I would just pay excess to bring it along as opposed to unaccompanied.

        Um,,,,,there are delivery companies that can help with additional baggage at the airport, and I think they cost about 1800 yen to deliver a 25 kg suitcase or bag but they will not dleiver musical instruments, surfboards , etc

        Hope this helps - I am no expert, but have been looking into stuff like this for a few months in anticipation now.



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          Re: So many questions...

          G'day Jason, regarding your move here, just take your summer clothes with you and whatever else you can take with you on the plane. Before you leave, pack your bigger things, and winter clothes in a big box or two, leave your parents 30 to 50 bucks, and once you have an address here, send it to them and tell them to go to the post office and send it by surface(ship). It will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. It is cheap and no problem to get to your place. You will get a note in the mail to go to the post office to pick up your box.