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Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

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  • Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

    Hey guys...this is for the Aussies!

    This isn't so much of a question to do with LIVING in Japan. Although I AM seriousely considering teaching English in 2002/2003 when I gradute. but anyways...getting back to the question...

    I was thinking of going to Japan sometime 2002 to go for a holiday. I'm visiting a friend in Sendai and my boyfriend in Nagoya. Accomodation's no problem. A flight is around $AUS 960 Tokyo/return. I know that travelling within the country is pretty expensive. But I heard about that train pass for around about $400 that lasts for a week (ride any train in Japan for a week) but exactly HOW MUCH money do I need for entertainment/souveniers, etc?? I heard about those 100 yen shops. Good for souveniers I suppose. But how about entertainment??

    I want to hear from your experiences of going on a holiday in Japan. I'm thinking $AUS 2500 will do for the WHOLE trip. Do you agree Aussies??


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    Re: Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

    $Aus 960 return??? where did u get ur ticket? damn cheapest quote i got was 1500 after jan 19 2002...please let me know.
    it depends on how long u stay and ur level of living...u didn't mention the length of ur holiday.


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      Re: Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

      I usually spent about 6,000-12,000 yen on a full day out, including train fare, entry fees, snacks, cheap lunches and usually a pretty decent feed at night and some drinks. 100 yen shops have really budget stuff in em, but they're not really souvenirs (well I guess they are in a way).

      If you go out drinking/eating at an izakaya, it'll cost you about 2000-5000 yen depending on what you eat and drink and how much

      Seeing as you have accomodation free, and we worked on an average of 8000 yen per day (if you eat out and going sightseeing everyday) ($130per day), I guess $1100 (after $1000 airfare) would last you less than 10 days.

      If you wanted to go budget, you could steal your bf's food and go sightseeing to places nearby (sightseeing everyday becomes a really pain), then you'd probably only be spending 2,-4,000 yen per day, say $50. That's going to last you about 3 weeks.



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        Re: Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

        In answer to the second post, I recently saw plane flights to Tokyo at the Flight Centre were $980 return.


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          Re: Aussies, how much $$ do I need?

          I was freaking about the amount Iwould need - I stayed 10 days and went snowboarding and everything - flew to Hokkaido, etc and it was all grand. Spending I had $2000 AUD and came home with change so that might give you some idea.

          But always better to have some more and come home with change than not - if you are staying with someone and it sounds like you are you are set as accom can be the expensive thing.