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YAY!, I can post here! Uh.. some questions-no weird guy crap

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  • YAY!, I can post here! Uh.. some questions-no weird guy crap

    I am a recent graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. USA. Here I learned how to be a chef/restaurant manager and attained a degree. I want to visit Japan for about 3 months (on a 90 day passport) and hopefully build a relationship with someone there and possible gain a working visa and live there for a year or so through that to learn as much as I can about japanese cuisine, and everything else I can learn while there.

    I have had Japanese lessons for 1 year, but it was mostly learning katakana/hiragana and some basic kanji because they don't believe in teaching illiterate japanese communicators at this school. The next unit will be the first time I delve into the actuall language. I am excited to say the least. But it will be at least 6 months before i'll have working knowledge of the language.

    When I visit there, I plan to use to provide housing. I'll have about $3500/US per month budgeted and saved up to pay for housing, food, touristing, etc. I'll be living in tokyo, preferably in meguro prefecture.

    If I were to want to make more money there, I heard I can teach/tutor english with little to no japanese speaking skill needed, nor a work visa. Is this true? While in San Francisco I have been doing the odd tutoring job here and there in trade for them to in turn tutor me in Japanese writing and some basic speaking.

    By the experience from all who are at this board, do you see any holes in my plan? If so, where and even if not, what can you recommend for me to optimize my visit/possible residency there?