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  • Guitar

    Hey guys, I want to learn how to play the guitar, I'm going to be moving to Japan in a few months... should I buy a guitar here in the states? Or should I wait until I get to Japan to get one?

    I heard that here I can get a decent guitar for about $150, about how much do they run in Japan?

    Is bringing it on the airplane going to be more trouble than it is worth? Or would I be better off having it shipped?

    Ideas would be helpful


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    Re: Guitar

    Harvey - get one in Japan - the if anything goes wrong, you get the local vendor to take care of it. Good one for US$150 - well you can buy cheap copies and local models, but anything half decent will put you back close to US$600. And I am not even talking about US made Gibsons, Fenders and PRS models. Check out my replies to dudemeister on another thread - very similar question.


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      Re: Guitar

      Hey, I brought my guitar over here in place of one of my bags and it wasn:t any big deal. Guitars here run about exactly what they run back home, about $150 for an ok guitar, about $1300 for a really freakin: awesome one. I even saw a complete piece of crap for $50! I couldn:t believe it--that:s really cheap for Japan!