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Nara chica in distress

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  • Nara chica in distress

    I`ve been here for about a month--attending school--and I`m just having problems dealing with the stress that comes with having to learn how to live all over again (i.e. keitai, apartment deposits, etc...) Any tips on how to beat the blues (& constant headaches)?

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    Re: Nara chica in distress

    Hey there. Know how you feel, been there. It sounds like culture shcok. Don't worry, most people experience it in some form or another when they come to Japan.

    My advice is simple. Well it's certinly not mine exclusively:

    Do some of the things you used to do back home. Hobbies for example. For me it was cycling.

    Don't occupy to much time surfing the net or watching TV. Don't sit at home.

    Exercise is definitely a good remedy for stress.

    Establishing a routine is a good thing too.

    Try your best to meet new people, learn the language.

    That's about all I can think of on my lunch break. I hope it's of some use. These worked for me.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Nara chica in distress

      3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years! The critical periods for anyone trying to live outside of their natural environment.

      Good advice from Mike, and I would also suggest:

      Get off the internet, and go out and be a tourist, explore your local area. Wander the back-streets and small shops. Switch off your phone and put on your shoes, get in touch with nature again.

      Make a firm rendez-vous with a friend, coffee shop, lunch, dinner, whatever; and talk about the future, not the past. Focus on the things that you enjoy, not the ones that get up your nose.

      You've completed the big step - getting here, now just relax and look at the small steps.

      Trip Hop (Ms.)

      Even after 15 years here, I still get occasional "mental health days" and know that then it is time to jump on my bike for a long cycle ride.


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        Re: Nara chica in distress


        Tenri Uni? I remember going to Tenri to poach some takenoko. It seems to be quite a sport in season. I really like Tenri actually, with that unique religious order and rather impressive set of buildings. I used to live in Nara City (Shinomiya and Saidaji).

        As for your question, to beat stress I typically did one of the following:

        - went sightseeing with a friend or by myself
        - went walking long distances through non-descript suburbs to watch how people live
        - visited an izakaya with some mates
        - visited Den-Den town or some other vast shopping area in Osaka
        - Nara-koen is always good for a wander

        Last of all, think positive. Your life in Japan is still leaps and bounds more fortunate than other poor souls in a lot of other countries, so be grateful for it (cheesy, yes, but it always makes me feel better), and, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. You will learn a lot by staying and it won't kill you... it'll be a lot of fun! Enjoy!