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I'm here!

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  • I'm here!

    Hey guys I'm in Japan! I got here about 2 days ago. Work starts July 1st. Yippieeeeee.

    Hey, one question, I'm having trouble finding a place where I can withdraw cash from my American Visa bank cards (cash cards).

    I tried citibank atm's, the atm's in takashimaya, and other places as well.
    My card has a 'plus' logo on the back.

    Anyone know of any place around Tokyo where I can get this done? A cirrus one would be nice too.


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    Re: I'm here!

    I wish you asked for help before you came, I would have told you to bring travellers cheques with you, and cash to survive for the first 2 months.

    Now, I am not positive but I don't believe NA bank cards work here. So , If this card is a regular Visa card and not just a basic ATM from your bank, got to any bank and get a Visa cash withdrawal. (make sure you get your parents to pay the bill from your cash at home).

    Once you get your alien regestration card(your school should help you. go Monday!!) then you can get your parents to send money buy wire to your account.

    I do know that Visa charges interest on cash withdrawal as soon as you take borrow money from them unlike a purchase whick takes 45 to 60 days. So you have to open an account as soon as possible..

    have fun, jack


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      Re: I'm here!

      Not true, I take money from my checking accounts all the time. Citibank is on Plus system as are the cash machines in the basement of Studio Alta in Shinjuku.


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        Re: I'm here!

        Try an ATM at a Post Office. They now accept VISA cards, so you should be ok.

        Good luck in Japan!


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          Re: I'm here!

          To Harvey

          Hey, It's about time that you'd better start to think second plan to get cash to survive, maybe you might be able to get cash from your card. But this is in case you can not. So go help friends or Embassy. Otherwise you have to bear the situation "no food" for days till you get first salary. I hope you have some money with you. If you are very fat person, maybe you can hang on it.

          Good luck,