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  • Salon In kansai

    Hi, Im looking for a salon in Kansai. Osaka preferably, but anything in the general area will do. Been here awhile and got my hair highlighted,.....except the colored it REALLY blonde, now I wanna color and highlight it again. So, where is a good place to go. Salon Name and Tel. number ASAP would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Salon In kansai

    Hi Wonderingchic,

    I'm not in Japan yet so sorry that I can't help you. I just wanted to know what the hairdressers were like. I have blonde highlights but was thinking of going back to my natural colour as on they say that the Japanese use really harsh hair dyes. And can you speak japanese? if not, would learning just a few phrases help or do you need to be fairly fluent to avoid hair disasters?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Re: Salon In kansai

      Well, My Japanese skills are few. However, I did find a Japanese hair dresser in a Salon in Namba. She had lived in New York for 4 years and could speak English. She did a good job on my hair, I think. I got her number in the Kansai Time Out. I dont know if the hair dyes are that harsh or not, my worry was that they wouldnt have th proper colors for foriegn hair. I would maybe imagine they might be stronger since their hair type is quite different. Actually, in some foriegner magazines I saw there is some salons in Shinsaibashi, Namba..ect, that are advertising. Are you planning on coming to Osaka? I think probably in Tokyo it would be even less of a problem.


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        Re: Salon In kansai

        I'm moving to Osaka next month and have had the same worries about hair dressers and dye.

        My best friend is a hairdresser and she told me the Japanese are very skilled. I'm still bringing the info about the dye I use in my hair so I can get the same product over there (hopefully)


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          Re: Salon In kansai

          Ya, but I dont think they are generally gonna have the same products cause Japanese hair is really different than the average westerner, and plus, unless you can find one who can speak English, they arent gonna be able to understand your hair color info. (most likely) so I would be prepared for the worst,and search for the best! Like I said before, best bet is to go to Shinsaibashi and Namba areas...theres more gaijin hanging around there....or Kobe. I bet there is lots on Rokko island, 'cause that is pretty much a mini america.