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personal Hygene questions

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  • personal Hygene questions

    A tickleish topic at the best of times, I have some questions regarding the personal hygene of the average Japanese Young woman(19-24).

    I will be moving to Japan in about 2 weeks (whahoo!!!) and I do not want to be thought of as a disgusting barbarian. What is the norm for the following?:

    Shaving (I have heard that anything below the neck should go)
    Latest clothing trends(so I don't dress like a goon)
    any other peculiaritys that a Canadian girl wouldn't think of ?

    Thank you very much for your time and help


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    Re: personal Hygene questions

    The average barbarian is probably cleaner inside than the average Japanese, despite the bally-hoo with regard to baths and bactericidal sanitary wear.

    But as you asked, under arms are generally shaved, and pubic hair is well-trimmed, so no unsightly protrusions.

    Legs - probably have to do too, along with manicure and pedicure.

    Make-up - must admit average Japanese is more skilled, but there are different types of woman, and some look like Michaelangelo plastered them. I would suggest lighter colours, nothing too tarty, but there is a tremendous range of cosmetics in the shops, from the local Shiseido to Maybelline and Max Factor, just about everything is available, at a price! Probably less pressure in a shop when you try things out!

    Bathing, just remember to rinse off the soap before you jump in the communal pool, forgetting it would be major blooper.

    Hands - you won't forget to wash after the toilet - though many Japanese do.

    You'll see the "dark" side of Japan in the ladies' room, the secret smokers, elastic girdles and pinchers to keep those figures, silicon insert bras that must disappoint the guys when they are taken off, and the rest.

    Dress - wear what you like and feel comfortable with - don't try to compete with the locals, your proportions and walk, as well as shoes will lend to a different style. Again, depends on the situation, integrate, adapt, but do not sell your soul!

    Have fun and do not worry so much

    Trip Hop (Ms.)


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      Re: personal Hygene questions

      "...and the rest"?
      Tell us more :-)


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        Re: personal Hygene questions

        You have provided good advice Ms. Trip Hop......
        Ms. KKano


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          Re: personal Hygene questions

          Thank you very much Ms. TH and everyone else!!

          This will help me avoid any unfortunate international incidents