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  • piercings and such...

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has had any negative experiences in Japan in regards to piercings and jobs. I have a nose stud and am wondering if this is going to affect me in aquiring a job! I plan on teaching english, and am applying for the Jet program. Anyhow, if anyone has a story about this type of experience, please share! Thanx

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    Re: piercings and such...

    ESID, but:

    I have a JET friend with a nose ring and she wore it to the interview, got into JET, wore it to Japan, to her welcome parties, enkais etc - all was fine. It was accepted as part of her quirky gaijinness.

    Then she started teaching.

    One day her supervisor rings her up and asks her not to wear her nose ring to school anymore - using a fairly imperative vernacular. It turns out one of the parents of a student had been complaining about it.

    The problem?

    The child had come home and asked the mother if she could get a nose ring!


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      Re: piercings and such...

      Hi Christy,

      I was on the JET program in Saitama. I don't have any piercings other than a number of ear ones (yawn), but during an open day at one of my schools some people turned up with nose/eyebrow and lip piercings. They were unceremoniously escorted out by some of the teachers. The point being, I guess, that in the conservative world of the Japanese High School, piercings are still seen as deviant. It's a big bore, I know, but in order to start off life in Japan on the right foot (with your colleagues) I would leave out the nose stud at first, and maybe test the water later. I do remember a story about a JET who was Indian, and who wore her nose ring, and was told to take it out, even after calls back and forth between her CIR and the school. I always thought of going to school as being in "Suit Drag", i.e. I would dress up for school, and be myself outside of school.

      Good luck with your application by the way.