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what to wear?

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  • what to wear?

    Any chance someone could give me a brief summary of what the weather does throughout the year in Japan? I'm arriving at the end of January and am not sure whether to pack snowboots or sandals!

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    Re: what to wear?

    Depends where you are coming from, and where you will be in Japan. I am a Canadian coming from the Dominican Republic, living in Tokyo now. It's pretty warm by Canadian standards (about 15C in the day), but freezing for me (acclimatized to the Carribbean)... It gets pretty rainy at times, and stinking hot and humid in the summer. Does that help? Hope so...


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      Re: what to wear?

      Hello Nelly
      I take it from the btopenword ending to you email that you are from the uk????
      Well if you are arriving in Tokyo in January expect biting cold but dry weather. Pack some thermal underwear and bring some cold remedy because all medicine here is frighteningly expensive. A couple of packets of generic paracetemol will save you lots. Get the flu vacc at tescos it costs 4,800yen here.
      Rainy season is in June very wet humid better off wearing flip flops shorts and Tshirt.
      Summer is unbearably hot and humid.
      Autumn is cool and some rain.
      And back to winter very dry biting cold compared to in the U.K.


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        Re: what to wear?


        Where the heck are you going in Japan? Okinawa? Tokyo? Hokkaido?

        These all have different climes. Give us a little help.

        All of this information is easily enough available on the Internet and in guide books anyway.