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i need ur opinion...

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  • i need ur opinion...

    i'm a swiss guy 29 old, graphic designer, my girlfriend is japanese and leave in osaka, so i'll join her in japan soon (april) to start a japanese langage school. the point is: need some opinion about how can i manage my life there... coz i'm not native english speacker, my nihon go is poor and i have no idea about what kind of job i should be really able to do there...

    thank u for ur help >>> friendly >>> yashka

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    Re: i need ur opinion...

    Need a degree for a visa for a start, unless you marry her and get a spouse visa.
    Graphic designing jobs, rather rare. (see answers on other threads, esp with regard to agency work)
    Web work - lots of people looking for that kind of work.
    Try Swiss Embassy, and see if they have any ideas/ contacts.

    if you are running the school, employ native speakers, your the boss after all!


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      Re: i need ur opinion...

      Don't worry. The japanese are friendly and accomadating when it comes to language barriers. You will find that you will pick up the language quickly. Just study, learn basic sentence structures, and talk to your girlfriend as much as possible in nihongo! As for the school, why do you want to open a japanese language school, if you are a graphic designer? I recommend teaching private english (start practicing now!) and continue with graphic design. Osaka has a great art scene. Start going to clubs and why get people to pay you for cd's covers, music event flyers , etc.? Just a thought. I 'll tell you now... if you are artistic and start teaching english... you will go insane! However, it is fun... just a bit repetitive! good luck.. Ganbatte!


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        Re: i need ur opinion...

        The Japanese job market is glut with graphic designers. However making connections and working the exotic foreigner thing may work for you. You do need a four year University degree for a work visa. However, you may be eligable for a working holiday visa. If your english is poor you will miss on the more lucrative and plentiful teaching English jobs. If your Japanese is poor you will miss out on the majority of regular Japanese jobs. See if there are any swiss corperations with branches in Osaka. Also checking with yourembassy may also be a good idea. Good luck!


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          Re: i need ur opinion...

          I have the same worries.! I am a 36 old german guy.My girlfriend lives in Tokyo and I would like to come there to live and work there for around two years.I would be gladly to find any kind of work.I have an apprenticeship as an orthopaedic shoemaker.the last 6 years I`ve done this specialized job.I would be although gladly to find another kind of work to have a monthly income.
          In at least eight weeks I will go to Tokyo.It would be to me a large assistance and it would make me much happier if I may count on your (?) support with any advice for employment.

          THANX AND ALL BEST . .. .. .. .. .walkimio


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            Re: i need ur opinion...




            Try orthopaedic hospitals and rehabilitation units, as well as shoe manufacturers such as Achilles.

            trip hop