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  • Japanese Financier

    I'm a local entrepreneur in Manila,Philippines. I've been managing computer shop and a garment boutique. But I wanted to have another business like importing goods coming from Japan. But it's a lot easier if a Japanese financier will help me. Any good suggestion?
    Thanks!!! from Leng

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    Re: Japanese Financier

    If you are a bona fide business, apply to any Japanese company, many have HO in Manila. But computer shop and garment boutique will hardly attract their attention. What goods do you want to import?

    You might try Japanese-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, in case there are some rich retired Japanese interested in opening/ partnering a business, but the RP has rather a reputation for dishonesty and cheating, and many Japanese will refuse to deal with small entrepreneurs, and only work with established companies.

    This forum is a waste of time, unless you want to do business with foreigners, mainly English teachers, in the RP.


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      Re: Japanese Financier

      A waste of time TH? Well, by an odd stroke up luck, I am a major exporter to the US and Canada and my next step was to bring my booming business to Manila. So Leng, to get things rolling, please send me US $2500 and I will consider exporting Japanese good to your business!

      Ka-Ching! Japan's booming economy is great!


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        Re: Japanese Financier

        Well Jackie, that is great, but I think Leng would prefer US$2500 from you!
        Good luck!


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          Re: Japanese Financier

          Well, I just starting in bussiness but definitely i don't like monkey bussinesses. I wanted to be organized and productive. To deal something that makes your life better is a challenge not only for your own good but for the people involved.
          I want to import dry goods which is affordable and has good quality. Maybe my future financier will make the suggestion what will it be...