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  • Fuji City

    I think I posted my question in the wrong section, so I'm asking it again.

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some information of Fuji City. The research I did on the city made it seem like a good place to start out teaching. However, I have recently heard many negative things about the place. Any info on living in Fuji City would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    Re: Fuji City

    What are you planning on teaching? Are you going with the big 3 or are you going to look for yourself?

    Fuji or Shin-Fuji are both in Shizuoka. Fuji is not really all that big a city compared to Tokyo or Yokohama. If you are looking for city life this is the wrong place.

    Most of the area around Fuji-san is quite rural.

    When I was in Fuji and shin-Fuji I thought it had a bad smell because of the paper factories that are there. It is famous for paper and water.

    There are many nice places near Fuji. I think if you are planning on living there you would need a car. The options for mass transit are the shinkansen(bullit train) Which can take you to Tokyo, Yokohama, Odawara, Atami, Mishima, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka etc.

    The other option is the local trains which are cheaper and take longer.

    If you just want to be able to see the mountain why don't you look at Odawara. It is a larger city in Kanagawa you can get to Tokyo or Yokohama easily and you can also get to the other places of interest in japan.

    see the link if interested


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      Re: Fuji City

      I will be working at an Amity Aeon School.
      I am not really looking for a city life but something in between, not too rural either.

      My question is what exactly would rural refer to in Japan?
      Also, this smell, is it so bad that it would be intolerable or could I get used to it?
      What are the toilets like in Fuji city?
      Lastly, would I be okay travelling by train or do you think that a car would be absolutely essential?

      I have already accepted the position in Fuji City, so I'll have to make the best of it but I greatly appreciate the information you have for me. This way I know what to expect and can prepare myself before I leave.

      Any more info, suggestions, advice on Fuji and its surrounding areas would be very helpful. Things to do, things you recommend to see or go shopping at, etc.

      Thanks Again,

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        Re: Fuji City

        A look on the map, or the Lonely Planet Guide Book will help you there. Recommend you buy it and learn about the place before you go.

        Obviously Mt. Fuji is the biggest attraction, and the hot springs and ropeways of Hakone.

        Izu-Hanto is a picturesque and lively peninsula, much desired resort location, and the site of the foreigners' landing in Japan. Perry and Will Adams (from Clavell's Shogun).

        Behind Yamanashi you have the 5 lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji, and up into the Central Alps of Nagano, and to Matsumoto and Karuizawa.

        Tsuruga Wan (Bay) has some windsurfing, diving, and other water sports.

        Shizuoka is the big city - football crazy, a sand museum, and many Brazilians of Japanese descent living there. Some good festivals, some good bars, but the migrants are still not fully integrated into Japanese life.

        You can get by without a car, but it means slow trains, lots of buses and waiting around, and a good walk to your destination. (No problem if you like walking)

        Shops are shops. Most big train stations now have department stores in the proximity, where you can buy most things.

        The smell - recent legislation has cleaned it up, though on windless days at the end of the week, it is stronger. No big problem.

        Toilets - mainly Japanese style, some Western-style. They all work!


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          Re: Fuji City

          This is really helping me get prepared for Japan, Thanks.

          I was also wondering if the actual city has a library, movie theatre and things like that. I've heard that in Japan sometimes you have to travel quite a bit to get to a movie theatre.

          Also, you mentioned "Shizuoka is the big city - football crazy, a sand museum, and many Brazilians of Japanese descent living there. Some good festivals, some good bars, but the migrants are still not fully integrated into Japanese life." Does this mean I have to travel to Shizuoka City to get a drink? I know these may seem like absurd questions but I really have no idea what to expect and what kind of city Fuji is.

          I'll be sure to invest in the Lonely planet guide book.
          Thanks again!


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            Re: Fuji City

            Most towns have public libraries - lots of J-books - few English - though some books shops such as Yurindo/ Shinseido/ Yaesu/ Yaohan and the like have a small English book section.

            Bars - everywhere - no problems with getting a drink!

            On the net:
            Web Site - Japanese only but nice pictures
            4 seasons of Fuji City

            JNTO Guide

            And the best at the end
            Shizuoka Life English - including great sake guide

            Have fun



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              Re: Fuji City

              You Rock buddy!

              Thanks A lot!