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In-house quarantine info (Cat)

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  • In-house quarantine info (Cat)


    I've lived in Japan previously. I am returning there, and this time
    bringing my cat. I will have an apartment with permission to have my
    cat so that huge hurdle is handled.

    I want to avoid the 2 weeks of quarantine (my cat will have proper
    documentation and vaccinations so that the longer quarantine will be
    unnecessary). Does anyone know of any info on the so-called "In-Home

    Doubtless this is difficult to get, but if I can find information on procedures this will be helpful.

    I have looked at great length at official sites and private sites too,
    but so far have not found a site that gives details or guidelines about
    at-home quarantine.

    Also, does anyone know the bigger picture - I have seen some sites claiming that cats are rarely quarantined (unless they lack proper health certificate, rabies certificate, etc.). It would be great to know that if all is in order quarantine isn't even an issue with cats.

    Thanks all!



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    Re: In-house quarantine info (Cat)

    I would also love to know about this too....


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      Re: In-house quarantine info (Cat)

      I don't know a lot about this, but I believe that with dogs it helps to have photos and plans (with dimensions) of the apartment--just so that they know that there is enough space. With dogs, home quarantine also involves at least 2 trips back to the airport, or whereever the quarantine office is. Other than that, I have no idea. Try contacting your embassy, or the Japanese Embassy nearest you.


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        Re: In-house quarantine info (Cat)


        Did you finally bring your cat to Japan? What happened with the quarantine?

        Andy in Austin, TX


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          Re: In-house quarantine info (Cat)

          We already have enough pussy here, thank you very much. Foreign pussy is not so much quarantined as ignored, keeping with recent government tendencies towards xenophobic exclusionary-ism.

          Bring Pocky. There is a major shortage here. The Pocky crop has failed, and the Ministry of Pockyculture is forecasting dire shortages bordering on Pocky famine.