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bringing in medication

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  • bringing in medication

    hi there. I will be moving to Osaka in August.

    My question is: I am on antibiotics and birth control.

    I was wondering if I can bring in a year's worth of medication without incident. (That's quite a lot of pills, by the way).

    Will I get questioned at inspections? thanks for any help.

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    Re: bringing in medication

    No you should have no problem with the Birth control, but the antibiotics you might want to bring your Doctor's note with you.


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      Re: bringing in medication

      Just curious,

      Antibiotics AND birthcontrol? Doesn't the first effect the latter? Don't mean to be nosy, but I always thought the two didn't mix.

      Anyway, if you can, get a family member/friend to send you the refills. Bring in three months worth (I think it is 3 months you can bring), and get the rest sent as you need them.


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        Re: bringing in medication

        well, i think that "the jury is still out" on whether antibiotics alter the effectiveness of birth control - However, if you are using birth control to prevent pregnancy than yes, certainly, I would use a back up method.

        However, I use the birth control to regulate my cycle, and the antibiotics for another health reason.

        So, I'm getting conflicting advice about bringing in meds - so do they check your luggage at inspections?

        How about if I just bring doctors' notes for both?


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          Re: bringing in medication

          Bring the prescription Iin english or japanese) for both because if they check (and lord know they DO check often) and discover the pills and you have no script they will 100% for sure take them from you.

          You can decline to hand them over as long as you return home the same day and never exit customs area.


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            Re: bringing in medication

            i was in the exact same situation as you with the same medicines. technically you can only bring 1 months worth of medication into japan (i think it is the japan customs website with this info - for what it is worth you are also legally only allowed to bring in 3 mascaras -figure!!!). but, one time i took in three months, and in january i brought in about 6 months worth of the pill, and 3 months wort of anti-biotics with me on the plane. my advice is put them right down the bottom of your stuff, and spread them out so they are not all in the same place/bags. i also carried a note from my doctor and gave my parents a copy for when they need to send me more. i then sent over 2 boxes of clothes with more in them, so all up i had 14 months worth of the pill and 8 of antibiotics.

            (and about the effectiveness of using the pill and antibiotics, my doctor showed me her medical book that says if you are taking long term antibiotics (mine are for my skin), then you can rely on the pill again for contraception after one month. after this time your body has got used to them. my other doctor told me to wait 6 weeks to be sure (but i dont trust it and dont rely on it anyway). you can get the pill in japan, and other medicines like at home, but sometimes it is just easier to get them from home instead). i