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Leaving Japan....................have I forgotten anything?

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  • Leaving Japan....................have I forgotten anything?

    Am leaving Japan soon and my mind is full of heaps of little things that need to be done before I leave....but I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff too???? ahhh help!

    There's heaps of info available for people "Coming to Japan" but not much available for those of us please remind/advise me if I have forgotten anything....I have a little list below of some stuff I'll need to do and the required times.....please correct me if I am wrong

    • Disconnect kaitai - no notice required...can do on same day apparently
    • Disconnect internet - 1 month notice, just call company
    • "Intent to Vacate Apartment" letter sent to real estate - 2 weeks????
    • Disconnect utilities - not sure how to pay for stuff that i use in the lead up to my departure - do i provide a forwarding address...if so, how am i expected to pay for this while in australia?
    • Resign from work - 30 days notice
    • Close bank account - same day
    • Claim employment insurance from city hall - not too sure how to do this????
    • Pay any taxes - also not too sure how or if i have to do this????
    • Give away/sell furniture - don't really care
    • Inform anyone???of forwarding address - not sure if i need to????
    • Send stuff home by shipmail - takes about 1 month to receive at home??

    Thanks again for correcting me or reminding me if I have forgotten anything....

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    If you are leaving for good, why bother paying taxes? Indeed why bother with all the other questions you listed here? Just fly away -- you're free!


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      change of address/ forwarding mail?

      do give away or sell your stuff - otherwise I think you end up paying to get rid of anything of any significant size.

      if you want letters of reference from your employer, get those before you go.

      If you need any proof of having lived/worked/driven here, get that before you go (for future licenses, etc).

      That's all I can think of - have a happy transition!


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        Originally posted by Code Rot
        If you are leaving for good, why bother paying taxes? Indeed why bother with all the other questions you listed here? Just fly away -- you're free!
        Well, that's the whole reason for posting...I have no idea if I have to pay tax....maybe I will get pulled up somewhere and be handed a big tax fine ...that's why I am asking in advance

        The reason I am posting here is because I don't know who else to ask......i don't think i'll get the answers i need from my co-workers


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          You won't get stopped leaving the country if you haven't paid your taxes. Unless you haven't paid for years and they are actively looking for you. You're leaving soon? Before April? Then *nobody* would be looking for you.

          One thing you might do before you leave... give your neighbor hell!


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            (imagine British acccent) I have a slight inclination to be rather noisy .....f@ck it, she's not worth it....

            so...anyone have any reminders for me? the hell do i pay for electricity/gas etc if I am leaving the day it will be cut off?


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              When I left Japan back in 2002, I insisted on having my employer call the utility/phone companies and give me the exact amounts due. I was told this was impossible; I would have to leave "enough to cover it". The hell with that, I thought (and still do). Much to everyone's surprise, they were able to get the amounts due. Funny what's possible when the other option is not paying at all.

              If you don't live in company housing, I trust you can still take care of this yourself (instead of having your company do it for you like I did). You will have to leave the money here with someone you trust so he/she can pay the bills for you. I gave it to one of my co-workers. I'm not sure if you have that option. You will have to give the companies an address where they can send the final bill. Perhaps to the friend's house.

              I did all of this because I knew I'd be coming back in a few months. If you weren't planning to return (though, of course, that could change), I'm not sure if you'd do things differently (for example, some might advocate just skipping town...I'm not sure about that).

              Good luck.