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  • Foresight

    I am new to this website but I will definately come back to it.

    I was wondering if anyone could offer me any educational advice about someone who hasn't graduated HS yet but is determined to go to Japan.

    In 7th grade I watched a show called "Pokemon" which really got me into Japan. In 8th grade I started taking twice a week night classes for 2 hours where I learned very very basic Japanese, after about 3 months the class was over. I took another night class that was less effective because it was pretty much a Japanese woman who taught me and 2 others, about 3 hours once a week for 2 months. In 10th Grade I took Japanese 1 and did allright because I had the basics down. Last year (11th) I took Japanese 2 and failed the last 2 quarters. I must admit it was my fault because I started to lose interest, it was quite difficult and the slow progress was frustrating.

    About 4 days ago I got back from a trip to Thailand for 4 days, and then to Japan for 4 days. After finally seeing Japan I must admit I am ready to start school and hit the books, my dream of going to Japan has become realized and even though I understood very little of what was going on I knew that once I knew Japanese I would love Japan 10 times more than when I first came. And learning is the funnest (and hardest) part.

    Senior year starts for me in September, and I've registered for Japanese 1 (again) at the community college. The "Foresight" is that I am going to Japan, and I am going to teach English, or Translate. The Question I have is which college classes would anyone recommend for teaching english. English, Japanese, and Education are obvious, but I need more. Perhaps Japanese history or culture study classes? Also, I am still deciding whether or not to go to college in Japan, or here and then go to Japan. I don't want my lack of understanding in Japanese to ruin my grades.

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    Re: Foresight


    Looks like you may be American. If so, you cannot work in Japan without a work visa, and that requires a bachelor's degree. Oh, you could get a spouse visa by marrying a Japanese, or get a dependent visa by marrying a non-Japanese with a FT job here.

    Your other options are to study here on a student visa or get a cultural visa.

    As for Japanese language, you don't even need it to teach English. Most places prohibit it in the classroom anyway. Knowing Japanese will help you in other situations, though:

    meetings (if you are asked to attend; not likely in language schools, but often required in high schools and universities)

    daily life (supermarket, department store, traveling, etc.)

    office situations (see the first item)