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pet quarantine? EEK!!!

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  • pet quarantine? EEK!!!

    I have a chihuahua and am planning to move to Japan for a year or more, but I have not found much info about quarantine times and requirements etc. I would like to keep the time period for quarantine as short as possible for my precious pup. Any suggestions or advice? Please! I am desparate!

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    Re: pet quarantine? EEK!!!

    Is your dog in excellent health complete with all its necessary shots? If so, don't worry. I still don't recommend taking a pet to Japan. Look at these web sites.


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      Re: pet quarantine? EEK!!!

      Do you have your living quarters arranged? It is VERY difficult to find landlords willing to rent to anyone with pets.

      I brought a dog with me from the U.S. and was forced to keep it in quarantine for 2 weeks (the minimum at that time). Your pet needs to have its shots up to date and you need to be able to provide a record of those shots. Plus, I think the rabies shot must be given LESS than 30 days prior to departure (you might want to double-check on that).

      I cannot stress the point about your living arrangements enough. Please do yourself and your dog a favor by making sure that you will be allowed to have pets in the place. Don't try to kid yourself that you will be able to hide the fact that you have a pet just because your dog is super-small. Neighbors will certainly see/hear your dog at some point. And you never know what kind of info one of them might let "slip out" when talking to the landlord.

      Good luck.

      P.S. I own my home, by the way. That's why I was able to bring my dog.


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        Re: pet quarantine? EEK!!!

        Check this website it may help :


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          Re: pet quarantine? EEK!!!

          if you have the necessary documents the quarantine time is 14 days. you will also have to pay for someone to care for your pet at the kennel while your pet is in quarantine.

          For some reason the agency that handles all of this is having website problems.


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            Re: rabies shot

            rabies shot is MORE than 30 days otherwise your quarantine is extended, but within the year