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Presents for Japanese people!

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  • Presents for Japanese people!


    I'm going to Tokyo to study as part of my Japanese course at leeds Uni and I've been advised to buy little presents for Japanese people. I have no idea what type of thing I should buy, anyone got any ideas?

    Thanx a lot,

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    Re: Presents for Japanese people!

    Hey I've done that with Sheffield Uni!

    Homestay father:

    Whisky. Not the Glenfiddich, but the rarer single malt stuff (around twenty quid) - the more obscure the better. Cheaper option: A tie or a tweed cap, or a beer kit.

    Homestay mother:
    China - any thing Wedgwood or anything tat or trinket like. Cheaper option: there isn't one.

    Homestay daughter:
    Something cute, like a traditional teddy bear. Cheaper option: Next jewelry of some description (as a girl).

    Homestay son:
    Go to the gadget shop, you'll find something. Cheaper option: porn mag (but hardly appropriate).


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      Re: Presents for Japanese people!

      they were commenting on you ____ size


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        Re: Presents for Japanese people!

        Nope. You've lost me there. Are you posting to the right thread, johnj ?


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          Re: Presents for Japanese people!

          You may want to think about some less expensive gifts, things that are almost worthless in value but are representative of your home country. This is the Japanese way of doing things...I've been inundated with cheap fans, tea, chopsticks. Also make sure the gifts are impeccably wrapped. This is far more important than the value of the present.

          Jessie, I hail from the Leeds area too, and I brought things like soaps, local jams, local sweets, postcard sets, even traditional beer mats. Just think of things that are light and easy to carry around and bring a good supply!


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            Re: Presents for Japanese people!

            Thanx for the advice you two! I'm popping down to london to get my student visa in a weeks time so I'll get my stuff then!

            I'm going in 2 weeks and I'm really freaking out over it! Whats it like in japan? Anything I need to prepare myself for or any info u can give me (a student gaijin!)?


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              Re: Presents for Japanese people!

              yeah. i've been having the same problem too. everything in the omiyage shops here seems tacky to me......but they'd probably love it......maybe i should just hang around there and watch what all the nihonjin buy.

              I want to get my boss something nice coz he's been such a top bloake to me in the past........any suggestions? I was thinking some coffee mugs with Australian wildflowers or animals on them.....but his wife would probably like those more than him.Last time I gave him some Aussie Red Wine and a platter with Aussie Birds on it.