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Will I be Stuck for 2 months?

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  • Will I be Stuck for 2 months?

    (also posted in visa forum)

    Hi am due to go to Japan next month in an expat position with a company in Japan. Problem is there has been a delay in applying and receiving the correct 3 yr work visa. I have been told I can go to Japan initially using the 90day temp visitor visa waver until my correct visa working visa is processed (possibly 2 months?).

    During this 2 month period before I get the working visa I will continue being paid from Australia so I believe that I am technically not working in Japan - Is this a correct interpretation?

    Without the work visa I cannot get a foreigners registration card, so how will that impact things like:

    1. Buying a car?, getting a ___ licence?
    2. get a cell phone?
    3. Renting an apartment – bills etc?

    Any other possible pitfalls?

    Will I be stuck for a couple of months before I can get sorted out?


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    Re: Will I be Stuck for 2 months?

    Very difficult without the card to do all of those things. How are you getting your housing? If the company is arranging it you might be alright. For a phone you might be alright with a credit card and passport. Or you can get prepaid. Buying a car is not so tough. I do not think they needed my gaijin card, I did need my hanko registered, which needs a gaijin card. So indirectly you do need it for the car. You can rent a car. Where are you living and do you really need a car?

    It will not be easy without the card. Can you get a bank account on a temporary visa? I do not think so. If you are from Australia, can you get a working holiday visa first? That would allow you to register as a resident. Is it legal though?

    If you get a stamp saying that your working visa is pending you might be able to register as a resident. That would require going with your sponsor to the immigration office.