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can I wing it?

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  • can I wing it?

    What do you people think? Is it possible to visit Japan with bugger all dosh, no contacts (ok a couple) and travel from somewhere in the north (say sapporo .. well to try the beer when it is fresh) to somewhere like Osaka? I was thinking of sleeping on the side of the road, living on sunshine and bathing when it rains. Not sure on how to get home once I am in Osaka though.... I might have to trade on my good looks (my dashing good looks have got me this far... looks and luck). My japanese consists of greetings, asking where something is (not understanding the response), a few sayings and a curse. Last time I tried something similar I was robbed of just over 1000 british pounds, was ripped off numerous times and .... lets say I was so glad to return to London that I nearly pulled a Pope job (kissed the ground).

    Any suggestions would be appreciated


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    Re: can I wing it?

    Yeah. entirely possible.

    You will find charity if you are friendly and meet the right person.
    Take an english gig to afford a living.


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      Re: can I wing it?

      "Take an English gig"???????

      westsan, he is here to visit, not to live. And, if you figured he was here to backpack his way around the country on a fairly long-term basis, you are still giving poor advice because contracts are for a year. Once again, you show your ignorance of teaching English in Japan. Stick to computer work (your field, I presume).


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        Re: can I wing it?

        Japan does not strike me as a very backpack friendly country...mainly because of the prices. Train fares are high, as are meals. Visiting temples and other cultural sites also costs a few hundred yen. I wouldn't want to sleep outside in the winter, either. But maybe I'm just a spoiled girl.


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          Re: can I wing it?

          About two years ago (where does the time go? It seems like only six months) I had planned a trip from London to Brisbane via land (never worked out the how to get from Indonesia to Australia without using aircraft. I was going to travel along the Trans-Siberian railway to either Vladivostock or Beijing and catch a ferry over to Japan as a side trip. At that stage I had priced Japan at about 80 pounds a day. Instead I met a kiwi shiela and ended up flying back (not via Japan because the stupid soccer was being held there and tickets were prohibitive).

          I had the money back then the problem is that I don't have the money now (I do however own a bomb, a two year old computer, a nice tv, a very nice mountain bike ..... hardly used ... anyone interested?) but my dream of returning to Japan has not diminished. Every now and then I get the crazy idea of grabbing my well used backpack, jumping in a cab and dialing my travel agent on my way to the airport, jumping on the next flight outa "nice place to live but wouldn't want to visit" and seeing what happens.

          Then reality sets in. Two more years of Uni, one year Grad placement, family commitments, girlfriend, credit cards, my old age (29... come on add three years onto that) .... cue fiddle playing in the background.... I have a tough life

          But the dream lives on .... one day I will return or mabey I should just leave it as a dream and keep my fond memories of the ten days I was there....

          Anyway any comments would be aprectiated.

          Cya's, mata-ne, sore ja mata, Ja-ne, hasta luego, doke


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            Re: can I wing it?

            sounds like a bit of a long shot. as people say, i can't see Japan being very back packer friendly. i difinitly wouldn't do it. Plus Japan seems like one of those places where the more green you depart with, the better it gets (well, im sure you caould say that for anywhere actually)...


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              Re: can I wing it?

              I have to disagree. Japan is extremely backpacker friendly. Much more that the US.
              Sure the US has hostels all over the place but hostels are not free are they?
              You stay a little while and you will wind up spending some good coin. ANYWHERE!

              Japans system is a combination of ryokans (a japanese hostel) and sleepover saunas and onsen (hotsprings) and the Japanese love them all so much that they are any hostel like backpacker accomodation. And they can be very cheap.

              If you dont mind freeloading and being a guest of Japanese friends you make along the way you will be invited into countless homes for long sessions of tea and rice crackers.
              Staying at saunas you will make countless friends that will be more than happy to get you drunk or just bring you home to see whether youll eat japanese food or not!
              And then if you hit the bars at night before you go to the saunas you can hook up with some chick (westsan odds 1:5) who will pay for the love hotel or that has a car that you can sleep together with in at the local viewpoint.

              And then there are the trains. The trains are fantastic here. You can ride anywhere from walking distance.

              I recommend getting one of those 70cc cubs (Honda Passport; Newspaper delivery Motorbikes) and for summer run up to Hokkaido and drive around the island. For the winter try Kyushu.

              By the time you get back to tokyo or Kansai there are so many short term jobs abound these days you can work a quick 3 month contract and do the same again.
              Just sleep at some chicks house you met in a bar or something.
              All along the way you can do an occasional private lesson and as long as you tried to teach them minding the 3 rules of english teaching:
              * Make them laugh
              * Make sure they learn at least 1 thing
              * Speaks lots of english
              Then you will have satisfied students for when you come back around.
              You can make 5000 yen for a couple hours. Just offer them a lesson as you meet people (preferably after you become comfortable with each other) (I know Genski is going to comment on this)

              I came to Japan as a student with very little cash and I winged it. U can too.

              Japan can be extremely friendly.
              Just dont steal; or fight.


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                Re: can I wing it?

                Of course you can do it ,its easy and you can become rich too,
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