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  • Move soon to Japan


    Iwill move soon to Japan. My company sends me over there for a couple of years or maybe more. I don't know what to bring, what to leave and what i can buy in Japan ??
    What about TV, Computer, Hi-Fi .. Could you tell me if i can use my stuff in Tokyo, or not , or maybe if i have to buy an adaptator somewhere ??

    About the apartment ? my company will rent it for me ? Is it easy to find a fully furnished flat, or better to bring all my stuff from here ?

    Welll, many questions... But if you have any advice, or if you can just tell me where to search, it would be great for me.



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    Re: Move soon to Japan

    Who is sending you here, a school or some other type of company? I would consider bringing a laptop computer, but not a desktop model. As for anything else major in the apartment, why not ask the employer? If you are going to work for some sort of school, they usually provide this information freely, and you get minimal basic furnishings from the beginning, often including a TV. No stereo, though.

    As for whether or not you can use your stuff in Japan, where are you from? Electrical requirements vary from country to country, you know.