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Japanese Schooling????

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  • Japanese Schooling????

    I'm halfway through my 1st year of college as an International Studies major. Next winter I'm going to Japan for a month to study Japanese Language/Culture in the WorldLink Education program.

    Are there any universities/colleges for English-speaking students? Also, are there any Language schools I could enroll in to better my Japanese? Because If there are I'd like to consider going to a university in Japan in a year or two.

    The best place to learn about Japan is IN Japan, right?

    Also, What careers would be good for my Major, should I also minor in something else?

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    Re: Japanese Schooling????


    where in Japan do you wnat to live?

    Most Japanese universities, especially ones that major in Foreign languages, will have programs for foreign students. In Kansai there is Kansai University of Foreign Language, Ritsumeikan, Ryukoku University, Osaka International University. Classes are taught in English with foreign professors, but they are not the same classes as regular Japanese students attend. To attend regualt Japanese classes you need a high level of japanese and have to pass a language proficiency test.

    You dont say exactly what it is you want to do with your Japanese degree, but seeing as there are 125 million native speakers of Japanese here, its hard to get a job with only Japanese, unless you have some other skill or ability that Japanese do not have e.g. Business Law or Accounting, knowing Japanese alone will not get you a job here. I might also add you need to have near native fluency in the language before people will consider hiring you for a non-English teaching position in this country as well as having the right visa. Knowing Japanese is not a requirement for getting an English teaching job, though knowing japanese will help you in your daily life and getting around.

    Sorry I couldnt be more positive, but i can at least recommend Kansai University of Foreign Studies as a place to learn japanese, as i was a teacher there last year


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      Re: Japanese Schooling????

      Sophia and Temple are nice