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    As of now, I am a sophomore in high school, and I know that this may sound overly ambitious to those who reply to this thread, but I'm planning on learning Japanese, applying for a job (maybe teaching english or something), and, eventually, moving to Japan. So, I was wondering if I could get some tips and information from people already experienced in what I want to accomplish, as a matter of fact, even a "try your best!" would be appreciated. Just help me in some way, please?

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    Re: Help Me

    What country are you in?
    You need a bachelor's degree (or many years of experience) to get a work visa. Many native English speakers don't need a degree to qualify for a working holiday visa. Americans are not eligible for the WHV.

    Look at the visa web link on this site for info on other visa requirements.

    You don't need Japanese to teach English. It's usually prohibited in the classroom anyway. Japanese will be needed more for your daily life events.

    Read the FAQ section on Teaching Guide links and on the forum for Japan to give yourself some starting background material. You might also want to look at the JET programme site for post-college opportunities.


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      Re: Help Me

      As of now, I am a sophomore in high school, and I know that this may sound overly ambitious to those who reply to this thread, but I'm planning on learning Japanese, applying for a job (maybe teaching english or something),

      IF you plan on doing something other than teach English you need

      1. the proper visa that allows you to do jobs that dont involve teaching. Your visa dictates what you can and can not do in this country.
      2. A high level of fluency in Japanese. There are millions of bilingual Japanese doing all kinds of jobs in this country and they dont need to import foreigners to do jobs they can do.

      teaching is about the only thing a majority of foreigners do in Japan because 1. their visa only allows them to teach 2. its a job that most Japanese can not do as there are no Japanese native speakers of English.

      Your options are limited on the working holiday visa (available to people over 18 from canada, Australia, Great britain and New Zealand, no degree required) but you cna only work in Japan for up to a year. Any longer than that you will need a degree.

      I would also recommend the FAQs page in

      If you are interested in teaching as a career, or simply to get a working visa, you will likely need a degree anyway, and some training or background in the ESL/EFL teaching field would be an advantage. Knowledge of Japanese is not a requirement to get a teaching job here as japanese is usually banned for use by foreigners in the classroom- students are paying to learn English, not hear foreigners' bad Japanese.


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        Re: Help Me

        As a sophomore in high school, your number #1 priority should be in trying to get laid.

        Indeed, my high schools days were reduced to mere intervals between when I could "extradite the plaintiff" again*.

        This accumulated data bank of carnal knowledge and it's concurrently amassed quiver of womanly** manipulatory skills will serve you better than any sheath of papers.

        In summary; "Charm the pants off the bastads at the interview and any job could be yours".


        Carry on.


        *cue dude-ish Lo Com Denom "so what's changed, heh heh heh" garden variety retort.
        **or "blokely" as the case may be.


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          Re: Help Me

          *cue dude-ish Lo Com Denom "

          what does that mean?

          Anyway, your:

          #1 and above all priorities in life should be to get laid! Not as a sophmore, I mean FOREVER!

          #2 is a job but whatever job you do get, make sure you have enough time and energy to get laid.

          So, you'll definately need

          #3 an education
          cause any job w/ job security requires an education. And w/o an education you might not sound articulate enough to pick up chicks. PLUS you don't want any chicks that are impressed with coors lite Monday night football bar flies anyway.

          There you go bro! You're whole life spelled out for ya right there!


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            Re: Help Me

            "Kent Brockman" and "the dude" - Assuming the person who posted the question is, in fact, a sophomore in high school, your "advice" is wholly inappropriate. You wit and/or sarcasm is probably not what the individual hoped for. How sad that you can't refrain (for once?) and actually do your best to help someone who appears to legitimately want it. Try your best not to scare him off from coming to Japan.


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              Re: Help Me

              what can be more relaxing than the sweet sound of a violin......???


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                Re: Help Me

                Bugboy - Is your comment in response to my post? If so, sorry, I don't get it.


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                  Re: Help Me

                  Hold that very useful opposable thumb about 2cm away from your 1st finger. That's the size of a tiny violin, and it's playing just for you.

                  (You did ask...)


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                    Re: Help Me

                    Unfortunately, your brilliant response doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Insofar as I know, you make such a gesture when you are indicating you have little sympathy for someone. Since my post has NOTHING to do with that, your post is...pointless. My original post has to do with the - again - pointless rambling of individuals. Apparently, you are choosing to align yourself with such "advice". Good on ya, mate.


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                      Re: Help Me


                      did you ever think about getting laid when you were 15??? If not, then I think we need to start a "Help Me" support thread for YOU!

                      Everyone, and I mean everyone has thought about gettin laid at that age and I'm just trying to help the young man orientate his career goals to acomplish that, and a secure life!

                      Keep your bible-belt-corn-fed-wal-mart-shopping morals to yourself!


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                        Re: Help Me

                        "Apparently, you are choosing to align yourself with such "advice". "

                        I'm not aligning myself with anything. I just explained what he was talking about with the violin. You asked him, I answered. It has nothing to do with your original post, or aligning oneself with the dark side. Good on me, mate.


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                          Re: Help Me

                          ....the real question isn't what but where....


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                            Re: Help Me

                            "the dude" - thinking about "getting laid" when you are 15 is one thing; continuing to make it the subject of your conversation/posts at your age is, well, something all together different. As for keeping my "morals" to myself - could not the same be said for you?

                            The whole point to my original post - assuming it was lost on you, boys - was that there's a time and a place for your "commentary". A 15-year-old boy, who is clearly asking for advice of a different nature, should not have to have your "morals" inflicted upon him. Yes, certainly, that's the beauty of a forum. As evidenced by your posts, anyone can write anything. However, don't you think it gets a little old? Particularly when it's clearly irrelevant to the topic at hand?

                            Say anything you want; you have the right. However, use some discretion, won't you? It's the least we could ask for.

                            Post Edited (03-23-04 12:48)


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                              Re: Help Me

                              .....nothing can beat the sound of violins...