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Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

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  • Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

    Konichiwa baby,
    I live in Taiwan as we spaek. I have been here for 1.5 years so I know all about living in a foreign culture ( the stares, the miscommunication, etc) I just want to know what the bare bones is that I need to get me butt to Japan and take up residence. I know what it takes to get a job and I think I am going to check it out in a month anyways.
    How viable is it for me to drop off in Tokyo and get and appartment then bust my ass for a week to get a job? Will this work? I am a genius of epic proportions as well as modest. Please tell me what is up... Or better yet let me pay your rent while I adjust.... hmmm
    Thanks a lot feel free to email me.

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    Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

    Just a suggestion, but if I were looking for advice, I would keep the old adage "it's not what you say but how you say it" in mind. FYI - this applies when speaking as well as writing.


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      Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

      Ni hao ma...
      Gong zuo? Ye xu bu hao!

      What sort of job? Teaching English?
      What sort of qualifications? Degree? Experience?

      Apartment - hard without permission to stay in Japan.
      Key money/ deposit 4-5 months rent required.

      Permission to stay in Japan (known wrongly as a visa): need degree/ Japanese spouse or student status/ means of support. Or in some rare cases, experience in lieu of qualifications. Immigration requirement.

      Employers' requirement - depends on the company - see other posts.


      Zhong guo he ri ben shi butongde!.
      Sorry, can't indicate tones here.


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        Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

        I sure hope he does not become an english teacher!

        Ms. Hop, can you speak Cantonese too? MmmmGoi?

        Post Edited (04-12-04 22:43)


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          Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

          Leave that to you!


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            Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

            What's the deal with all these people with no visa thinking they can just show up and get a job? Are these people thinking things through?


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              Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

              umm...thanks wonky.
              I know how to teach English and I am very good at it. I just needed advice no opinion. Does a visa make you a better teacher...
              Any ways xie xie hauren trip hop
              Person... is your collar on a little too tight?
              Look, I just needed the basics I am not treading on your imaginary "turf". The world is wide and no one knows why we are here so opinions and couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee, ya hear me? I like teaching English I like different cultures and I like money if you are different or better or think that way :great, keep it to yourself.
              I just wanted to know some basics and I got them from Trip hop.
              thanks all


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                Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

                Nope, my "collar" is not on a little too tight. Suffice it so say, your original post makes you sound...quite frankly (and I'm sorry to say), like an idiot. Sorry, but that's how I read it. Of course, this may or may not be true. I'm simply basing it off what you wrote.


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                  Re: Living in Taiwan want to relocate to Japan

                  China is full of idiots, Japan prefers they stay there,


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                    Guys, Taiwan is no China.
                    Don t insult the people there striving to build their own country and identity from the China bully.


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                      Originally posted by omen514
                      umm...thanks wonky.
                      Does a visa make you a better teacher...
                      Nope, it just means that you might find a Japanese school willing to hire you ...


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                        Japan is not a Paradise

                        saw this question on Gaijin Pot and thought I give you an honest and up front answer. I lived Asia and worked in Asia for two years before coming to Japan five months ago. So I had some English Teaching and living abroad experience. I was not prepared for Japan.

                        First, I got a job in another country in one week on line. The visa and everything else took me about two weeks. My second job took me about a weeks. I had mutiple job offer and it was really easy to find and get a job in Korea. Japan a lot different.

                        To begin with Japan Visa process take about two to three month to process. Second, the average Job seach in Japan take about a month or more. You just can get off the plane and get a job like Korea, China, and Tawain. Also, there is a lot competition in Japan. Don't want to teach or live in poor China or what could be at an time War Zone like Korea or Tawain. Everyone love the false romance and image give by Japanese Culture and western movies that shows Japan. Finally, the job hiring is limitied. Most Job hiring is done January to March or July from September. Unlike a lot of Country that hire year round. Also unlike most country they want to hire within Japan, they don't do a lot of hire outside of Japan.

                        There are also other thing you must take into account. Japan is the second richest counrty in the world. Japan has the most expensive cost of live in the whole world. Unlike Korea and I believe Tawain and Chine. Here you pay for you place (about $500 USD or more a month) for a place that would size is at best a one masterbed in the State (that is the whole apartment not one room). Also the cost live is about 60% to 80% of that of most Asia and about 30% more then North American.

                        As for the people. In Korea, Tawain, and China the people were very friend and open. The boss are very direct and tell you the problems even if they do it very bluntly. In Japan the people are very shy around foreigner and the boss tell you that you have a problem and they will not tell you what the problem is or why you have it or how to fix it.

                        I know you think that Japan is somehow going to be so much better then Tawain or most ESL Countries you could not be further from the truth. Japan like all esl countries and it has it own problems and I can't say it any better then other another asia country. I heard that it was much best counties to teach, but it not. I have heard in some of Eastern Europe and Turkey is great to teach English, but the pay really sucks. Once again this what we all hear about other countries. When we talk to in the teacher in theses countries like you are doing you will hear a different story.

                        Japan is not some great paradise that most people think it is. It a lot of hard work to get a job, keep the job, and stay with a job.


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                          Not to be too harsh, but with the fetishisation of Native Speakers in the employment scene here (not that that is necessarily a good thing), your non-native English abilities may have something to do with the hardship you are experiencing. Have you tried smaller schools and getting private lessons?
                          Anyway, Good Luck


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                            I have work in two different Asian Countries. I like the job, but let be honest there is a lot crap you have to put up with in Japan. I know I am not the only one who hates the Japanese system. This "yes you speak English, but we know the answers". All and all I like my Job, but it is to say it would be a lot easier if the Japanese did not micro manage everything. I have worked in Japan for 5 months and it is always the little things that drive me crazy.


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                              Now you are speaking the gospel truth, my west coast brother. You should see what it is like trying to file paperwork in the national university system. Micro management, or just maniacal management, you take your pick.
                              Chin up, and try to let the little stuff run off your back like cold beer on a duck. Peace