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  • Asian guys

    Well if you ask me I think Asian men are way WAyyy more masculine than foreign guys. They rock!

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    Re: Asian guys

    I agree that there are handsome Asian boys, I married one.......Nakata, Ichiro......I am a fan of these handsome blokes.........but there are handsome foreign boys too just as there are beautiful Japanese girls and beautiful foreign girls.........Kkano


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      Re: Asian guys

      Wow other non-Asians think Asias can be hotties too? Awesome! Too many muscles is gross-like what many white ppl have - it gets all veiny and gross! Asian men who are wirey or average toned are more attractive. What's dissapointing is when Asian guys are caught up in the stupid Western idealism that to have muscles is to be attractive - they work out the arm muscles and get all ridiculously gross-buff and top heavy - just be yourself and you'll attract the women who are worth it and aren't shallow - I've seen this happen among so many of my Asian male friends and my Taiwanese-Amer boyfriend (Japanese and other Asian ethinicities). American and Western society body form idealisms are stupid (and definately don't reflect my own preferences) but I'm not completely innocent myself of not judging myself by those standards as well.


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        Re: Asian guys

        im agree,
        im from canada now living in japan ,
        japanese guys are nicer and more polite than westerns.
        ^-^ Nippon ichi ! ^o^


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          Re: Asian guys




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            Re: Asian guys

            Really, if so, can we be friends?


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              Re: Asian guys

              I absolutely agree! I have seen some fine specimen of the Japanese male here in Tokyo.


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                Re: Asian guys

                Oh, they are sooooo hot!! I never realized how hot Asian guys are. I love dark eyes, dark hair...something so myterious about it.
                Don't get me wrong, I love Canadian guys as well, but I am so bored of them...


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                  Re: Asian guys

                  There is nothing better than a bit of experimentation! I came here in Japan wrongly believing that JM were all short with small members, etc... but after two relationships with J men (first one moved to Hokkaido-I live in Tokyo- and it was difficult to keep the fire burning, now I have another JBoyfriend who is absolutely wonderful) I can honestly say that except lovely hair and eyes (and firm booties!) JM are extremely gentle, sensitive and caring. Just lovely!


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                    Re: Asian guys

                    Read again the foregoing posts above from (i) Canadian chick and (ii) Ophelia and imagine if these posts were instead written by foreign men touting experimentation with Japanese women and describing them as "sooooo hot!!" and then going on about their being "... gentle, sensitive and caring."

                    Smells like double standard to me ladies. (Or is my envy showing?)

                    Moreover girls, it's gaijin women like you who put a bad name on all of us here, what with your sexual experimentation and your wanton lusting after the native male all gaikokujin are taken down a notch or two.

                    And yes, we are fully aware that you are currently counting the days until those hunky salary men switch 'en masse' to the short-sleeve variety of waitoshatsu. I think it should be a national holiday myself. ;-)

                    - yamanote


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                      Re: Asian guys

                      Sorry Yamanote and excuse my ignorance but I completely missed your point. Can you enlighten me please? Who knows, I might not be as clever as I think I am! ;-)


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                        Re: Asian guys


                        Thanks for your query. And my point (if I can make the claim for such lofty intentions) is that gaijin men are regularly vilified (often by gaijin women, I might add) when putting forward precisely the same type of comments with regard to Japanese females.

                        For example:

                        Canadian chick wrote:
                        "Oh, they are sooooo hot!! I never realized how hot Asian guys are. I love dark eyes, dark hair...something so myterious (sic) about it."

                        and you wrote:
                        "JM are extremely gentle, sensitive and caring. Just lovely!"

                        I was just noting that if I ( a caucasian American, btw) put forward like commentary on Japanese women in such fora, well, I would prepare for an incoming attack.

                        However, please understand that I have no argument at all with your comments, rather just noting that it appears fine for foreign women to voice such observations on Japanese men while it is considerably less palatable (for a variety of reasons I'm sure) for foreign men to voice similar observations on Japanese women.

                        The rest of my post was an inferior attempt at sarcasm I'm afraid.

                        Oh, FWIW, I too find Japanese (men & women) considerably more polite than Americans---but then it's often hard to distinguish tatemae from honne too. If forced to make one sweeping generalization on Japanese I would say that they are definitely cleaner (hygienically) than any other people I have had close, personal contact with. I appreciate that too. :-)



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                          Re: Asian guys

                          I do understand your point ( phew! It took me some time!) Personally, I have no problems with the comments of GM regarding the cuteness, beauty, whatever of the JF. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If GM find JF more attractive...well, I am cool with it!
                          The whole point of this thread was more of an antidote to the "JF are so much better, cute, slimmer, etc than the GF" and I believe that JM might feel left out! :-)
                          But, generally, I do agree...Double standards!
                          Have a nice day!


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                            Re: Asian guys

                            Ah hah finally! After so many months (almost a year) of waiting for some unsuspecting male to post something on my thread!

                            Well, it's actually sort of anti-climatic really.

                            I guess it proves that the gaijin male if living in Japan really has no interest in the gaijin female, or what she finds attractive. (are they too busy?)

                            As for a double standard remark, I dismiss it. Only because of the incredible volumn of comments made by GM in this relationship forum. I haven't the time to shift through all the sexest, objectifing and crude posts that gaijin men have made.
                            So I beg your indulgence sir, if you could see fit to allow a handful of women to go a bit wild, and profess our love, admiration and lust for Asian men.
                            Keep up the posts ladies!!


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                              Re: Asian guys


                              while I'm pleased that you so enjoy having relationship with Asian men, I wonder if you'd clarify one point......

                              In your very first post you said that "Asian guys are WAyy more masculine than foreign guys."

                              I'm interested that you didn't say 'more attractive' or 'sexier' or 'more stylish' (all of which seem to me defensible claims) but "more masculine".

                              For myself, I see nothing much that's attractive about a man's being "masculine" (muscled? Hairy-chested? Well-hung? Hunter-gathering?). But, it's a claim I've never heard made for Asian men over "foreign" (white/black) men before. Would you care to elaborate on the "more masculine" theme....?