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making japanese friends: difficult?

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  • making japanese friends: difficult?


    Have some of you who have been longer in Japan made a lot of Japanese male firends? that is do you have some Japanese buddies to go out and drink???

    It seems a general trend that foreigners have only "gaijin" friends...

    It is do only becuase of the language barrier, or is there really a very high cultural barrier??

    Do Europeans in general adapt better??



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    Re: making japanese friends: difficult?

    Pedro - I've a number of "Japanese mates" who I can go out with, sometimes drinking through the night. 80% I met through my job, a few from my sports club, and the rest while drinking in the bars. Differences between Europe/ NAmerica/ Oz etc., I don't know that many foreigners here. It certainly helps that I am fluent with the language and can talk about all sorts of stuff, even helping out as an interpreter sometimes. When they talk to you about "gaijin" - referring to other foreigners - you feel sort of "in"!

    Whisky sutoreto


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      Re: making japanese friends: difficult?

      I have been in Japan four years and I did not speak one word of Japanese when I came.
      I came, studied Japanese, absolutely refused to speak to other gaijins, and there you are. I still do not have any gaijin friends, I speak Japanese, and I do not have any problem.
      It's bear and grind, and you will succeed. It's the initiation fee to the club. Japanese are very kind. They WANT to make foreign friends, but they are very shy and self conscious. Thus they may seem distant and not interested.
      Now I have just recently moved to Kyoto, and I have another task, to break in this closed and hanagatakai society; just watch me.
      Of course I am not new to this, I speak other six languages.
      ganbatte neh!