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what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

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  • what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

    Im going out (just for dinner) with a Japanese guy, but he can't speak English at all, and My Japanese is not good yet!
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this kind of (problem?) situation?
    I'll bring my dictionary, but..................................

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    Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

    Dear innippon,

    As hard as it may be, try to look at it as an advantage, although at present, it will seem highly japanese husband and I started speaking english and unfortunately for me, his english has improved but I am not able to practise what I learn in my japanese lessons b/c it is hard to revert to a language which we have never communicated in. Therefore, be excited about having to speak Japanese b/c you will learn ever-so-quickly this way .......
    As for the present, keep your sense of humour, learn about eachother's culture(not only one's language)food, traditions, lifestyle, hobbies, likes and dislikes...good luck! Kind regards, K.


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      Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

      Have a kindly Japanese pal translate the following phrases for you, then write them on your shirt-cuffs:

      "You live with your Mum and Dad? At 33? Oh, I think it's wonderful when families are so close!"

      "No, I see nothing the least peculiar in a grown man's reading comic books."

      "Foreplay? Never heard of it."

      "72 ring-tones? Wow! And you're going to play them all now? I feel spoiled!"

      "You're dead right! I've never seen the point of condoms either."

      "Do you know? I think the smoke from your Seven Stars is actually improving my eating experience."

      "Four seasons? In one country? You've got to be kidding me!"


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        Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

        osakan,, thank for letting laugh my a** off today, you are very funny


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          Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

          k. -Thanks for the advice. I think you are right about that.
          Osakan- ok, haha, but I dont know how well that will go over.


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            Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

            I would be happy to 'TRY' to help you with advice anytime, I hope everything works out ...........Sincerely, K.


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              Re: what to talk about...HOW to talk?!

              I hate to say it but I have lots of experience with going out with people from Asian countries, but most of them spoke enough English for me to get by - Once though I was totally hitting on this Taiwanese guy who spoke almost no English and I found these things out - Make a date out of helping them speak English or vice-versa, him helping you speak his language - that in itself was fulfilling and entertaining for both of us and it always shows that you are friendly and have alot of character if you are willing to help. Also - acting out words is fun (I'm a dork so I like charades), maybe its not your thing, but won't you love acting out the word for 'hug'? *LOL* (yes I know, many Japanese are very hesitant about touchy-feely things, but many of the younger generation are more open-minded about this especially with Americans and if he really likes you) good luck!