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  • pink salons

    Hi- Q for the J- guys out there form a foreign gal... what is the probability that my 25 years old J- boyfriend is going to pink salons/ fashion health clubs?

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    Re: pink salons

    My J-guys in the company would go maybe once a month, usually when on business trips. But not all of them do. Remember they just go there to have fun and ejaculate, not to fall in love with someone. Kind of a male bonding thing!



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      Re: pink salons

      why dont you just call it a whore house, why do you try to hide the truth and give it a misleading and cute name, face the facts, your j-guy is not 100 percent j-satisfied with you ping-pong??? wagatta,,,,


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        Re: pink salons

        As Ms. Hop said, it's a social thing. Nothing wrong with your muffin.


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          Re: pink salons

          Sheesh - I wouldn't even give it a 50:50, more like 5:95 to 15:85. This may not be the answer you like, but that's partially because in the current economy, a lot of people (ie, men) simply don't want to spend the money for such a place right now.

          Besides, if your j-guy is brave enough to be dating a foreign lady, there's even less of a chance that he's going to something like that. If he does do it on business, then it's literally that. From what I've heard about similar business tactics, it's not as fun as people might think it is - if he's doing the hosting, it's purely business.

          I dunno - from my experiences in the ad agencies here and with the various clients, the people that are inclined towards such endeavours are rather easy to spot, and tend not to make much of a secret of it. And that was usually only 2 or 3 guys out of 15 or so (per section). This may change for other companies - but I think that's the point, there's no fast and quick rule that says that a certain percentage goes. There would be far more places than there are if they were (really). There's a lot of guys in Tokyo (etc.). From my dealings with people, the ones that go, do it frequently. And the ones that don't, never go.