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stay or not to stay

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  • stay or not to stay

    hello people,

    just wanna know opinions...
    I`ve been in Japan for couple of months,
    In a relationship with a guy(japanese)and im canadian.
    Xmas is coming soon,
    my family in canada asking to go back,
    him and his family asking to stay in Japan.
    I really love it here,but i have no job yet and scared to become a burden...
    Plus going out with a japanese(guy or girl)is going out with the family,
    I`m scared to hurt them by leaving but in the same time i have my family in canada.

    all opinions welcome,...

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    Re: stay or not to stay

    No job, limited funds, hmmm....better stay in Japan. Think of the real cost of going home, flights, transport, presents and the rest, not so cheap!
    And if you have only been gone a few months, that's nothing! Give them a phone call, and send a few cards. They must learn that you are off on your adventure, and must not expect to see you so often.

    Staying in Japan - Burden on the family, not really. One more mouth to feed is not so much, though Xmas itself is not really celebrated in the family, more like the New Year - Shogatsu, Temples, toshi-koshi soba, mochi, sake.
    Just hope you like cold food!

    Just make sure the family are aware of actual status of your relationship if you visit and stay with them. There are other threads here describing the fun of "visiting the folks" - search for them



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      Re: stay or not to stay

      TH can you email me plz (i dont wanna post all details,but i would like your opinion on more stuff)



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        Re: stay or not to stay


        You've been here a couple of months and have no job, but you have a boyfriend? Not to sound cantankerous or sarcastic, but how have you been living, and what have you been doing to find work?

        In all sincerity, if you would like some help in finding work, post here (or email some of us) what you would like to do and what your background is.


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          Re: stay or not to stay

          Sofy - sorry, I am unable to do personal replies off-line. TH


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            Re: stay or not to stay

            Hello Glenski,

            How have i been living? Well i had money of course. But now starting to run out...
            To find work? Same as everybodyelse,look into free tow newspapers,on the net,ask ppl,mouth to mouth.....I went to interviews but got nothin... I`m trying to find anything for now,even teaching but i`m bit scared cause it`s really not my field of work.

            I graduated in 2d/3danimation,but the fact that i speak a really basic japanese isn`t helping...(yeah i know i should have learn more b4 comming but i have other reasons why i was in a hurry to come). Now on job hunting and studying with tons of books at home.

            Anyway my original post was more about being struggled between my family in canada and my bfriend`s family here....

            TH : thanx a lot your advice are helping ^-^


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              Re: stay or not to stay

              Dont worry about the families, do what you want to do. Do you know what you want to do?


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                Re: stay or not to stay

                I guess a question you should be asking yourself is, where do you see yourself in another 2 terms of your job situation (which includes your $$ situation) as well as your relationship. Don't get caught up with false dreams and expectations cuz it'll hurt you in the long-run.
                I'm not sure what I would do, but perhaps make a list of the Pros and Cons of going home and of staying in Japan. If one totally outweighs the other, then I guess it'll be an easy decision. Good luck!



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                  Re: stay or not to stay

                  Thanx to all ^-^
                  oh well, im giving up the fight... Im going back home..
                  But not giving up the war !!!!
                  I`ll go take more japanese classes,have Uni. Degree,and i`ll be back!!

                  Hope the best 4 all of you guys!!!!!