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ASOBOO! home of scumbags???

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  • ASOBOO! home of scumbags???

    ASOBOO!, what a great site eh? A double-blind e-mail matchmaking (?) portal where you can write anything you want – with no apparent administrator and absolutely no rules in place!
    I wonder who the bright idiot was who came up with this idea!
    Actually, it used to be an OK place to occasionally meet new people or kill spare time, but now itfs teeming with blatant scams from people trying to get your phone number or e-mail address, people writing nasty stuff just being plain lowlifes and other defamatory sick stuff.
    So who started up the site in the first place, and why arenft they taking the responsibility to see that it is cleaned up?? And why are there no rules on the site?? (like these gno poo mouth. No porn. No sledging individuals. No advertising pyramid businessesc.h) I suggest they either clean up the mess they have created or take down the site before itfs too late. If Gaijin.pot is involved here (they do advertise for ASOBOO on their site) I seriously suggest they look into this.

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    Re: ASOBOO! home of scumbags???

    Seems like a bit of a harsh appraisal - I'm an avid user of the site and have met many interesting people thanks to Asoboo! I have had an occassional unwanted message, however, as the site is both free and functions perfectly I could hardly blame the operators of the site.


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      Re: ASOBOO! home of scumbags???

      I hate sites where you can't sledge! A free site sounds nice to me.


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        Re: ASOBOO! home of scumbags???

        It was cool for me in January