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internet dating scene

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  • internet dating scene


    I am a lazy guy at heart. I want to meet some girls, but do so via cyberspace. Any hints or good areas to meet young ladies? This place advertises Asoboo, I took a look at it, and it seems fun.

    Any other websites where boys and girls 'hook up' in Japan? English or Japanese sites are both fine. Actually, maybe Japanese sites are better- less competition.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: internet dating scene

    check out it's japanese


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      Re: internet dating scene

      It is definitley the best way to improve your appearance short of plastic surgery , is what my girlfriend told me.


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        Re: internet dating scene

        If you're too lazy to actually go out and meet girls face-to-face, don't bother. Are you too ugly? Are you not capable of going out the front door, walking down the street to the nearest pub and meeting girls? That's just lame.
        I'm sure you're not like what I have described....maybe you're lazy and shy? Go out and meet some people in the flesh. It's a lot more rewarding and that way you'll get to see who they really are, just like they'll get to see who you really might meet a "girl" on the net and decided to meet her for coffee, only to find out it's a fat, sweaty, businessman...just like you may hide behind a false "appearance" on line.
        Good luck with the cyber-scene, but go out and see what's out there. Best of luck!


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          Re: internet dating scene

          I met my boyfriend (japanese, I am Canadian) on

          It sounds silly, I know...but he is seriously the man I want to marry! We've been together almost a year...I have met many Japanese people (man and woman) from this website, I was really surprise because I got good people...

          You really do have to be careful, but in my case, it was alllllllll good, and I am very happy with my man!!


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            Re: internet dating scene

            To ***,

            Sometimes, the girls in the local pub are also "fat, sweaty, businessman." People in pubs are not always the people I wanna meet. Although, I admit, "meeting" someone on the net scares me a little, and I'm not very interested in trying it. Yet, aren't both ways of "finding people"? Either way, if you check 'em out in the pub, or if you check 'em out on the net, you're not gonna get past that initial "appearance" until after some time spent together outside of that initial setting.

            We all have reasons for why we do what we do how we do it. But, as for S, if "lazy" is the true reason, it does sound a little *silly.*