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FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

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  • FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

    ... as in Frequently Unanswered Questions.

    1. Is Unsane's Chris Spencer really one of the heirs to the Time Warner fortune?

    2. Is Wire's "154" lp as great as their first two lp's?

    3. If I may plop on my ill-fitting ethnographers hat and pontificate loudly for a bit... in The Free West the pretty women get fawned over and don't have to cultivate an interesting personality. They get enough attention. Hence, they are generally boring. In The "Far" East the pretty women are also fawned over... yet in my experience, far more often than not, have interesting personalities. The "plainer" (ooh, that's contentious) girls are GENERALLY... duller. Is it because their confidence is stunted due to lack of attention? I have tried not to give this half-baked theory of mine credence as it's so daft...yet it rears it's ugly head in front of me on a daily basis. Please explain/disprove/shoot me down in flames.

    4. When will the next Shellac long player come out? WHEN, DAMNIT, WHEN?

    5. Is Mr Bungle's Trey Spruance really one of the heirs to the DuPont fortune?

    Feel free to barrage this thread with FUQ's (pronounced "FUQ's"). I have no answers, only questions...

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    Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

    Let me be the first to say.
    Congrats on an excellent thread.Now down to business,so to say.

    OK.Who is Tony Wang?Where is this little guy?People ask for his advice but he never answers.Aren't you his agent?Or his brother?What gives?

    Why can't you get all of the toothepaste out of the tube?You pay for all the toothpaste but you can only use about 95%.What gives here?Should I hire a toothpaste lawyer?

    When you go to the bathroom to ,you know,have a leak,why are there always drips on the floor?Does the toilet move?I don't think so.I spent an hour watching it and it didn't move,but when I looked down there were drips on the floor.Women don't like these drips.Should I call the plumber or the mizo-police?

    I know these may sound like small questions for you,but we need to know!!
    Thank you very much.


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      Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

      Should I tie my shoelaces right over left, or left over right? Does it say what kind of guy I am if I tie both shoes the same way? Am I being unfair to the left foot if I tie that shoe *right* shoelace over the left??? Are there fair shoelace tying advocate groups out there just waiting to get me???


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        Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

        not to disregard the first two responses, which i must say nearly blew my mind. wit is clearly at a premium these days. anyway, to senor brockman's third FUQ--do you really think so? i find that in both the east and the west the more attractive a lady is the more self-possessed she is, and nothing is more attractive than confidence. though one has to acknowledge in both societies there are incredibly gorgeous women who still want to lose 10lbs, kilos or stone, whatever you deem the delightful flesh as it's all too sadly quantified.

        clearly you raise some fine points--that the better looking, and i might add wealthier, you are the less your need to develop award winning charm or wit--in any society. if those of your own gender and the opposing team are going to fawn over you in any event, why bother. i would put forth the idea that in japan female confidence and "personality" often seem lacking, judged via the western lens--so, when you see it on display in rare situations you are so struck by it that it clouds your memories of the finer western ladies. the archaic idea that a woman's role is to be seen, not heard still seems to prevail in japan, or that the allure is all in appearances. i would add that personality is hardly in any great supply with the rougher gender in japan. and don't many (not all) western men love these girls for just that--their muteness or inarticulate-ness/rity? inevitably you find this confidence in japan in the chosen people. in the west confidence is more diverse, evenly distributed entity, which can be found, often via compensation, in many a person, often irrespective of their physical attributes. can be based on intelligence, breadth of experience, strength of character, depth of the quest they're on etc. perhaps this can reengage mr. brockman, who was as clearly put out by his initial "you've got mail" as i was. you're not in bed yet are you kent? it's still in the a.m. where i am.


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          Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

          ...premiums are low too... real low...

          Aha! An answer! One down, four to go...

          ..although you kind of lost me there...not too sharp on them convoluted sentences... too much "ADSL" backwards minus the "A" in the early 90's... if "nothing is more attractive than confidence" then how come "many (not all) western men love these girls for just that--their muteness or inarticulate-ness/rity?"? A confident mute?

          My head hurts. I want it cut and dried and I want it now (not my head).

          Attractive Japanese woman:
          Not so attractive Japanese woman:
          Attractive western woman:
          Not so attractive western woman:


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            Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

            capitalization and punctuation--these are the things that collapse the parameters of my existence. the cross i bear in frequenting the conventional world.

            "if "nothing is more attractive than confidence" then how come "many (not all) western men love these girls for just that--their muteness or inarticulate-ness/rity?"? A confident mute?"

            look, i used quotes! was it my own quote quoted back at me and then quoted again? a veritably reverberating quote, that. i digress. good point, but i feel quite comfortable in my damning contradictions. it's all in what you seek--many of the laddies that come to japan are a bit put out by the challenge of their respective society's women, and thus want a new game. a game whereby all the rules as they previously knew them are invalidated. but to my point--of all the blokes that come here ready to fire off their spunk guns into the narrow cleft palates of their twisted psyches--most of them are just nookin for nub, nub being sex and that alone. there are many exceptions to the rule, but of course.

            but when it's all about sex personality, talkiness, charm, wit, confidence (all clearly dependent on language compatability)--become so many inconsequential variables. most of our gaikokumates would be equally intrigued by deaf-mute women, perhaps even the blind or retarded would thrill them. the lack of a common language through which to negotiate their meanings, the babble that serves as foreplay--all of this is irrelevant to their stated ends, a little puddle in the sheets--this transcends all language does it not. the confident male does not seek women such as this. let's call such men for what they are, neo--imperialists on sex-tour holidays--thailand or japan, what's the diff to randy blokes like this. take your money and the many notches in your belt, and walk tall, back to your homelands, and tell your friends of how living abroad raised your consciousness, how meaningful your years in the east were. i'm not judging them really--this is all part and parcel to human nature, but the posers who attempt to shuck and jive us, saying there's depth to this enterprise--this will not stand.

            yes, i stand by my original statement, that nothing is more attractive than confidence, most of all when coupled with beauty, but that might intimidate the joe with a load to blow and nothing more to bestow on a lady. slamming (read ridiculing) the lovely, culturally baffling ladies of japan, as you will find in any of these posts, does this not ease our very western guilt about being dirty, twisted pukes. projection no less. lives that would shame our mothers, however gleeful and puerile our friends back home would find it. yes, mom, japan is such a fascinating place--the temples the shrines the culture, when really it's the porn, the muff, and other filthy stuff. look into the mirror my brothers, and what do you see.


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              Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

              FUQ - Why are so many sensibly-dressed women here into death metal?


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                Re: FAQ. No, make that FUQ's...

                Do you want to F*** or not?

                How are babies made?