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  • looking for friends

    I am from China (25,F) and am studing in Nagoya. I speak Japanese and English, ofcourse Chinese as well. My life is busy with work and study, its not enough, the life shouldnt be only like this. Sometimes I feel longly, I want to meet someone, and have seirous relationship. I am interested in Western culture, I hope I will have the chance meet someone and become GOOD friend.(^_^)

    Looking forward to here u there,

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    Re: looking for friends

    Hey, hang in there! Working and studying hard?, You must have real goals in life and you're working towards them so it's not so bad. Is it?

    Adjusting to life in Japan can be tough, especially when you don't know anyone. You already speak Japanese so that should help a lot.

    Why don't you try going to your closest international center? A lot of communites have them. They host events and sometimes have trips and some even offer free Japanese lessons. When I first came to Japan the one I went, up here in Chiba, was really great!

    If you go to your nearest city hall you should have no trouble getting some information.

    Whatever you don't sit at home. When you get some free time go out do something. Exercise is will help. I like hiking and cycling.

    Picked up the cycling in Japan to fight off culture shock and ended up seeing much this country on a bike. Met lots of Japanese people that way too.

    A hobby in life is essential in my opinion.

    Good luck! Take care!


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      Re: looking for friends

      What cultrure shock?


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        Re: looking for friends

        Thank u very much for ur response!
        Actually I am not that bad in friendships, I mean I have many friends here, and because my major was Japanese when I was in University in China so I can say my llife here has no big truble and is kind of smooth.

        But just one thing that I haven't found the one really loves me and takes care of me and I can truly believe. I saw so many men that they just play games with girls and even they have girl friends, they still play around outside. I am disaapointed and am so sad about that why men are all like this...

        So I really hope I can find someone really loves me and I can really relies on.. U know I mean?

        Bye for now,



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          Re: looking for friends

          I am disaapointed and am so sad about that why men are all like this...

          easy there. no need to paint all men with the same brush. be it japanese, american, italian, whatever...