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  • Urgent Advice

    I need urgent advise or any comments or any thoughts please!

    Me and my Japanese wife had a fight and she entered a mental hospital for treatment. Now the children are with mother-in-law with me having no access to them.

    Her mother is extremely negative about me and hated me from the begining and she wants us to split up and she also said that she never wants to see my face again. I as well as my mother have no access to her since she is in mental hospital where she is "taking rest".

    The assistant at the hospital told my mother "She wants marriage counselor". Now i am attempting to understand if meeting with marriage counselor is part of divorce or a prelude to divorce proceedings or if my wife is just doing it to resolve our relationship.

    I am reluctant to bring a lawyer into scene and gain access to my children since her mother may use this reason also to instill more negativity to my wife.

    Please write your comments and any advise at this time since i desperately need it.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Urgent Advice


    I am really sorry about what has transpired. Although I am not sure about what is best, could it be possible that you consult a lawyer in order to get pointed in the right direction without disclosing this info. to your in-laws?

    Good luck,


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      Re: Urgent Advice

      I'm sorry to hear about this but it begs the question, what exactly did you fight about? Was there any cheating involved? I can't imagine what else would put her in such an emotional state that she would require medical attention. I would go along with the marriage counselor as you should assume/hope that your wife requested this as an attempt to heal this relationship. You both have to decide whether or not you want your marriage to work and discuss it between you. Then once you have made the decision, give it 100% of your time, energy, love to make it work.